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Belly Hipster Wrap is the combination of an abdominal & hip binder that consist of 3 adjustable elastic velcro bands wore across the front of the body from the rib bone area all the way covering the hips. It’s unique design secures the body tightly preventing the binder from rolling upwards.

Made with lightweight premium Batik material, it allows the skin to breathe and provides great comfort and convenience. It is simple to wear, time saving and getting 2 effects at the same time.

Suitable for all women, especially beneficial and effective after pregnancy. For caesarean delivery, wear the wrap after the incision is healed. Belly Hipster Wrap is a Must-Have to get back in shape effectively.


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Weight 1.9 kg


My Experience with Belly Hipster Wrap + Gingerly Yours by May Lee ( Based in London)

What I really liked was the design. Unlike some wraps that I have bought and tried on before, the Belly Hipster Wrap secures the body tightly preventing the binder from rolling upwards. This makes wearing the wrap much more comfortable. Another plus for me is that it is simple to wear and time saving. For anyone who have done the traditional Jamu wrapping before, they would have told you that the wrapping is quite tedious and most Jamu ladies would have taken at least 20 minutes to get it done. However, with Belly Hipster Wrap, it is convenient and the effect is similar as the traditional wrapping. Anyone is able to help me to put on the wrap easily. E would help me to put in on in the morning. When I needed to go my bath, I could take it off easily and my mother can help me to wrap it back again.

I used the wrap 2 days after I had give birth and continued usage for 3 more weeks. I do notice that my tummy is flatter but the best of all was that my back was very supported by the Belly Hipster Wrap. As most of you have know, I am afflicted by back problems and I liked how the wrap was useful in supporting my back, especially during times when I needed to breastfeed Megan. I would highly recommend any post-natal mother to get this as it is beneficial in my case.

I used this ginger remedy along with the Belly Hipster Wrap. The cream has a nice, warming sensation upon application. Gingerly Yours Body Cream is an multi-purpose fast relief remedy that is naturally formulated to serve your daily needs. It is said that this remedy helps to slenderize waistline, reduce bloated tummy and tighten flabby thighs. In Singapore, the Jamu masseuse usually place some herbs on the tummy before wrapping it with the binder. Since, I had no idea where could I get the Jamu herbs such as Tapel, Pilis and make it into a paste. Gingerly Yours is a very good alternative for me. I liked the warm sensation it has on my skin upon application. I did not just apply the cream on my tummy but used it on my lower back as well. A small amount as seen from the picture above is sufficient to spread over my lower back and it helps to alleviate aches post birth.

Mother of 2


hi rebecca,

the wrap is effective in the sense that with constant usage everyday, we’ll be able to see our tummy flatter and flatter. this wrap is specially for post-natal hence it ‘targets’ more on the tummy and hips. When used with ginger cream, it is more effective as we’ll release the trapped wind. Those selling in pharmacies are more for supporting the back.


Hi rebecca,
This is Great, Your wrap and ginger cream is top best, I am now wearing it and very comfortable.


Hi rebecca, The belly wrap is really user friendly and the material is very comfortable too. I can do it myself on the 2nd day of my delivery. Together with the ginger cream, my tummy now looks much smaller as compared to Day 1. Hopefully with regular use, my tummy will be firmer very soon! Thanks.’

Ms Leong

Hi rebecca, This is the most comfortable wrap i bought so far, i tried many binder from off the shelves in pharamcy and they are stiff, hot and uncomfortable.I bought a very premium binder from the states and sadly it is not able to cover all of my tummy and roll up everytime i sits down. I am happy you introduce to me this wrap as my tummy is smaller now and my hips seems to be tighter. i will continue to wear it during my confinement now

Ping Hui

I had also used my wrap and ginger cream yesterday as after I my 2nd delivery of bb my tummy seems unable to shrink that fast. Worst is that people thought I was having my 3rd… So mad at that comment… After using the cream and wrap yesterday, I found that my tummy shrinked a bit as I put on my jeans I can feel it.  Of course this have to be used for some time to see further effect, thanks again Rebecca for my rescue to these irritating comments…The above products I bought just arrived and I have tried them yesterday was real good…Thanks

Mary Lim

HI rebecca , your Belly hipster wrap is convenient, comfortable and easy to use.

Simone Tan

Hi Rebecca

Apart from the massage, i am also very pleased with the ginger cream and belly hipster wrap which i bought together when i signed up with the jamu massage. The ginger cream is hot enough and yet it doesn’t make my skin itch unlike the other inferior ginger cream used by other masseurs. Therefore i can keep the binder on from morning till night and it doesn’t itch at all! The belly hipster wrap is easy to use as compared to the traditional binder which can be quite complicated for some of us.

Pei Yu

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How to Use

– HandWash with lukewarm water and hang to dry

– Do Not WRING the wrap to prevent the material from going out of shape

– Do Not IRON the Velcro Bands

Usage : Recommended to wear the wrap underneath your clothes for at least 6-10 hours per day .

For best results , apply Gingerly Yours Body Slenderizing Cream before wearing the wrap.