BodiNeeds Mother’s  Nature Shampoo & Conditioner (Bundle Set) 



Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo

A perfect blend of goodness from 100% natural ingredients, Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo targets to provide a revitalizing deep cleanse for the scalp and rejuvenating hair growth. Infused with premium ingredients like Ginseng to stimulate growth, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

Mother’s Nature Hair Recovery Conditioner 

Calm and soothe your hair with Mother’s Nature Hair Recovery Conditioner that give you a silky and soft finishing touch. Enriched with a combination of fruits and plants extracts, your hair is protected against harsh chemicals. Jojoba Oil which is closest to skin natural sebum, offer great moisturizing to the scalp and improves hair texture and appearance leaving you with a healthier coat of shine.

Product Origin: Made in Bali

Packaging: 265ml each

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Weight 0.6 kg


I like to compliment your shampoo that I bgt recently. My hair has alway been thin and falling.

Ever since after I gave birth, it gets worse and everyday been seeing hair falling on the floor. I tried many on the shelve shampoo and salon shampoo but not helpful.

Till I saw an article posted on the new age parent introducing yr company product arose my curiosity to surf yr website. And I am attract to this shampoo which ponders me if this helps me. So I bgt and used for one week. I see improvement as less hair fall expecially after each hair wash. Is not greasy and smell nice. I actually find out at the same time tat the ingredients in shampoo especially hibiscus and lanolin helps hair fall and strengthen hair roots. I m satisfied and glad that I bgt it.

Thank you.
Amanda , Marsiling

The Shampoo and conditioner  Is really good and my hair is growing back after a massive fall after pregnancy . Going to use it for after perm as it helped my mom hair from falling as well.

June, Jurong

Hi rebecca,

Your shampoo is excellent for my oily scalp and i definitely see improvement. Great products.

Simone Tan, Rivervale

Hi rebecca,

The Shampoo and conditioner Is really good and my hair is growing back after a massive fall after pregnancy . Going to use it for after perm as it helped my mom hair from falling as well.

June, Jurong

The shampoo cum conditioner bundle is a fantastic product. I had severe itchy scalp after giving birth and the shampoo and conditioner did a great job relieving the discomfort. Definitely a product I would recommend!

Esther , Ceylon


For Shampoo

Put a substantial amount onto wet palm, apply to damp hair, lather in circular motion about 5 mins , then rinse off.

For Conditioner

Use on damp hair after washing. Wrap a warm towel round the head or use a treatment cap and leave on for 10 mins then rinse off with warm water.


For Shampoo

Aquadestillata, cocamido propyl bethaine, glycerine, coconut oil base diethanolamide ,decyl glucoside, lanolin , phenoxy ethanol , citric acid, hibiscus tiliacea ( hibiscus ) leaf extract, aloe barbadensis ( aloevera ) extract, panax quenquefolius ( gingseng ) extract, zingiber officinalis (ginger) essential oil, rosmarinus officinalis ( rosemary ) essential oil, citrus limonum ( lemon ) essential oil.

For Conditioner

Aquadestillata, quarternium, cetearyl alcohol, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, cetrimonium chloride, ceteareth 20, phenoxy ethanol, citric acid, panax quenquefolius ( gingseng ) extract, daucus carota ( carrot ) oil, persea gratissima ( avocado ) extract, rosmarinus officinalis ( rosemary ) essential oil, lavandula officinalis ( lavender ) essential oil