Lemongrass Confinement Shower Gel (2000ml)



This natural and refreshing shower gel is specially formulated to be used during confinement period. The 3 major ingredients are Lemongrass, Peppermint and Desmodium Caudatum (A traditional chinese plant )

It is convenient to use, time saving comparing to the Herbs that you need to boil everytime you bath.

It does not leave any sticky feeling after bath and skin feels softer with an aromatic tinge of lemongrass.

Note: Suitable for use during Pregnancy, for Sensitive skin, children above 3 yrs old, Elderly people , After birth ( during confinement) and also for Normal daily usage

Usage: Twice a day or as desired. Continue to use even after confinement to get rid of excess body wind.

Product Origin: Taiwan

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


I am experiencing a lot of wind in tummy during my second stage of pregnancy therefore feeling bloated. I decided to give it a try by using the lemon grass shower gel. It reduce the wind in tummy and I love the scent of the shower gel as it is very refreshing. From then onwards , I used it daily even in my confinement. I also bought the ginger cream too after reading e good reviews online. I apply it on my back during my pregnancy and it helps to reduce the pain on my back. After that, I even introduce my mom about this great product and she loved it too.


I love the lemongrass shower gel which i got from you 2 weeks into my confinement, really regret not buying in advance to standby. It’s fresh minty fragrance perks me up instantly! I used the shower gel together with traditional confinement herbal bath and it proves effective to remove dead skin cells accumulated during confinement period. It’s a must have for every confinement.


Hi rebecca,

I have quite bad backache at times after a tiring day. I was introduced to the Lemongrass Confinement Shower Gel and the Lavender Cream. I feel very refreshed after using the Lemongrass Confinement Shower Gel and my backache was very much relief with the Lavender Cream. Really relief much discomfort after a long day of work and taking care of the kids. These are not only Post-Natal Care products but also a great product for the rest of the family members who are not doing their confinement too!

Chief Editor of Today’s Motherhood

Elaine Lau

The shower gel is great and smell very nice!


My friend passed me the shower gel to try, thought it was refreshing & had nice smell, so wanted to get a few for my parents & inlaws.


Hi Rebecca,

I just want to say a Big Thank You for recommending the lemongrass shower gel and ginger cream to me. I bought both products as i read the testimonies from your other customers some time back. After delivery, I developed a bad rash on my legs and certain parts of my body due to allergy to the painkiller prescribed by my gynae.

Initially, i was hesitant to use the showergel as my MIL do not allow me to use such products during confinement period, but the itch was killing me so i just went ahead and used it together with the herbs bath everyday. I have to admit after 3 days of using the showergel , my rashes have reduced significantly, the itch has been controlled too. The ginger cream has help me alot too. As mine was an assisted delivery with epidural, my hands felt numb and painful everyday. Since i can’t take the pain anymore, i decided to use the ginger cream and massage my arms and hands. Surprisingly, just after 10 mins, the blood circulation improved in my hands and i was able to go to sleep feeling less painful and numb.

Now, i use both products everyday without fail. I also will stock up these products the next round.

Annie Lim

Hi Rebecca,

The shower gel is good. I love its smell. It also keeps my body warm after bath. Compare to similar confinement products I bought from another online store, your shower gel is much more effective. I had bad finger ache during my previous confinements even though i tried not to wash my hands but used wet wipes instead.

But for current confinement, whenever I feel ache, I’ll add a few drops of your shower gel to warm water and soak my hands in it for 1 min and miraclely I feel better after that. I’m buying another bottle for my mum to try. She has bad joint ache.


Oh, we love the shower gel. It smell good and the older generation love it too. They say its good for getting rid of the wind in them. Thats why i am buying 10 more. =)


Hi OriginsJM

I tried the shower gel immediately after receiving from you tonight.. wow it is FANTASTIC!!!! Stimulates the blood during lather, and feel very fresh and minty after shower. Skin feels very clean and smooth and the best shower I had since my confinement which is ending soon! I bathe with herbs too, but use the shower gel to lather. Those who have ‘wind’ in body should try. I can feel it work quite miraculously and instantly tonight… (er, via passing out of wind … hee heee…)

Highly recommended!

Hi Rebecca,

I have also tried your lemongrass shower gel and ginger cream. Simply loved the scent of the shower gel and the refreshing feeling it left on the body after a shower. Works as a great air purifier for my bathrooom as well. It’s very much well loved by my entire family as well. And I can’t thank you enough for sending the shower gel to me immediately after I got back from the hospital post delivery. This was service above your call of duty. Anyway, I’m writing in to thank you for introducing all the wonderful products to me.



Oh and I loved the Lemongrass shower gel! My husband got it from you 2 weeks ago during my confinement. Felt so refreshing after using it and it helped made my mood better too! Thanks alot!



Hi Rebecca,

I have only get to realise this product when I was in my second month after birth which is a great regret. I find it very effective in relieving my back ache and plus it is very refreshing. I have to tell you that I have yet to enjoy such a good bath after delivery and I look forward to use the product every day:)tks


Hi Rebecca

Yes, have used the product (“,) Love the smell and it’s better than the warming shower gel than I got from another online store. Even my confinement lady love it!



Hi rebecca,
Actually bought the shower gel and giner cream for my mum. She had started to use the shower gel and her leg does not ache so much now.


Hi Rebecca,

Oh and I loved the Lemongrass shower gel! My husband got it from you 2 weeks ago during my confinement. Felt so refreshing after using itand it helped made my mood better too! Thanks alot!



Hi Rebecca
Received my items…thanks..love the smell of the shower gel.


Hi. I have received the shower gel and ginger cream. Love the smell of the shower gel. tks

SC wong

Hi Rebecca,
I have received the products today. Thanks so much! The shower gel was certainly very refreshing and nice. I think it also acts to keep mosquitoes away as well. Love the smell!
Thanks for the prompt service.

The shower gel smells great, and body was refreshed and kept warm after use.


hi originJM,

I’ve recevied the package. Just tried the shower gel during the showertime …the herbal smell good and there is this cooling and burning sensation on my upper arms after shower. Like what gitangkim said, it only lasted for a short while like 15 mins…:-) but overall, thumbs up!

Hello Rebecca,

Just wanna to drop you an email on the product that you have bring in. I love the smell and the feeling after using the showering cream…..Thanks for bringing this product.

Thanks & regards,

Joyce Ong


  • Soft-soap
  • Glycerine
  • Distilled Menthol
  • Citronella Oil
  • Desmodium  Caudatum
  • Elastin Coconut Oil
  • Surfactant


  • Relieve Body Wind
  • Body & Pore Cleansing
  • Anti- Bacteria
  • Anti -Mosquito
  • Remove negative “Qi”
  • Remove body odor
  • Relieves tiredness
  • Delay Skin Aging
  • Reduce or prevent Fingers or Joint aches after delivery