Nursing Helplez by BodiNeeds



Nursing Helplez by BodiNeeds (* New Product )
” BreastFeeding First Aid”

Indulge in the Warm Sensation of ” Nursing Helplez“, our Specially Craved Basalt LavaStone  

It serve as a excellent thermal insulator designed to relieve Breastfeeding Discomforts like engorgement and blocked ducts effectively  and helps to promote better and smoother breast milk flow.

Nursing Helpez“is also target to dispel trapped tummy wind, aid to ease tummy cramps and  relieve tummy bloatedness.

Suitable  for Breastfeeding Mums, Women or Elderly.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg

Package Content

Each Nursing Helplez Set consist of:-

1 x Specially Craved Basalt LavaStone

3 x Cradle Cloth Pouches

* Shape & Colour may  varies due to the nature of the Basalt LavaStone


For Breastfeeding purposes, you may use the Nursing Helpez before and/or during pumping.
For Direct latching , compress around breasts and/or onto area of lumps before latching.
caution : Do not use the Nursing Helpez during breastfeeding of your baby
For Tummy Concerns : Place the Nursing Helpez onto tummy for a few minutes, you may shift around and place it onto different positions of your tummy