Established since 2008, we are Singapore Leading Specialist providing Postnatal Jamu Massage in the comfort of your home . We believe in providing Holistic and Natural treatments to boost the overall wellness of new mothers.

Started by a Mum who experienced the challenges of postpartum recovery but rediscover the secret to overcome this, she was determined to bring across this ” formula ” to all new mums. Adopting Traditional Jamu Massage Techniques, this ancient treatment has been proven to be effective in improving post-pregnancy ailments that boost a speedy overall health recovery as a new mum.

Over the years of enhancing the experience to meets the needs of modern mums, this “formula” had been carefully concorted to provide the utmost Comprehensive Postnatal Jamu Massage today

Here at AllTenTic, we offer Authentic Postnatal Jamu Massage treatments , Professional Experienced Therapists and customized Premium Jamu Blend developed entirely in-house by professionals to ensure maximum efficacy for a comprehensive and rejuvenating post recovery.

Let our Gentle fingers create a Greater wonder for you to experience a smoother and enjoyable transition into motherhood.

Our Professional In-house Team
Certified by the International Therapy Examination Council or the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications

Equipped with more than 400 hours of Professional Massage specialising in Jamu Postnatal Massage, Lactation Massage & Merdian Massage

Highly Experienced background & Intensive in-house Training to equip our therapists to be an expert in the field of customer relations, Post-recovery knowledge and Post-recovery Massages

We strive to transform homes into havens of tranquility and indulgence for mothers to momentarily disengage from the hustle and bustle of life.

Our Brand Values
Dedicated Professional Services
Customer satisfaction remains our top priority . Given the unique physical conditions of each new mother, we aim to provide conscientious and customized treatment well tailored to meet individual needs and achieve optimized results.

Continual Product & Service Innovation
Not one to rest on our laurels, we constantly look inwards to identify the areas of improvement with regards to our treatment, in-house products and customer service processes to enhance the efficacy of our offerings. Apart from listening intently to our customer feedback, we aim to promote an all- inclusive innovation culture within our organization where our employees are empowered to contribute creatively. To improve skills competency, employees are trained rigorously through internal and external courses.

Honesty and Integrity
To create sustained business success, we believe in staying grounded to core values of honesty and integrity. We are committed to conducting ourselves ethically in all engagements with our customers, employees , suppliers and other stakeholders to maximise mutual benefits.

Brand Promise
To help all new mums regain their Strength, Energy and Looks, allowing them to be Happy and Confident Mums to their new bundle of Joy.