Welcome to the FAQ page. Most of the time, your questions will be answer in this page. However, if you can’t find your answer here, you are welcome to contact us to have your question answered.

Q1. What should i do after i make a booking?
Simply keep us informed after you deliver and we will advise you when to start your sessions. Call or SMS us at 9090- 8108

Q2. How frequent is the sessions?
Session are done everyday (mon to sat) except Sun and Public holidays. This is to ensure maximum effectiveness of the whole course of treatments.

Q3. When must i make the balance payment?
For 5 & 7 day packages
-Balance payment payable on 1st session

For 10 day package & beyond
– $500 payable on 1st session
– Remaining Payment payable on 5th session

Mode of Payment
By Bank Transfer / PAYNOW
By Cheque
By Cash
*Online Payment of balance is NOT available.

Q4. What do i need to prepare for my sessions?
Kindly prepare a Mattress to be place on the floor, 2 Large towels and 2 Hand Towels. Should you have space constrain, we will perform the treatment on your bed ( Queen/ King).  You may consider to rent our Professional portable massage bed at $85 nett

Q5. I do not have a mattress, can i do the massage on my bed?
A mattress to be placed on the floor is recommended so that when pressure is applied during massage, it is not absorbed as compared to doing a massage on a normal bed. However if you have a space constrain, the massage will be done on your bed ( Queen/ King) .

Q6. When can i start the massage after delivery?
For natural delivery, session will commence from 1 week after delivery. For caesarean delivery, you may start session at least 3-4 weeks depending on the recovery of your wound.

Q7.Can i do session alternate days or few times a week?
It is not advisable or recommended as this will affect the effectiveness of the treatment. We will not be able to cater for sessions to be done on alternate days or every 2-3 day.

Q8. How long must i put the binder on?
We recommend you to wear the binder for at least 6-10 hours but should you feel uncomfortable at any time, we suggest you to take off and wash the area clean.

Q9. Must i continue to use a binder even after my package is over?
Yes. We encourage you to wear the binder everyday even after completion of your sessions. This is to help maximum the effectiveness of your sessions and to get back in shape faster.

Q10. I gave birth 2 months ago , is the postnatal massage still effective?
Yes. Postnatal massage is effective during first 4 months after delivery.

Q11. I experience some blood clots discharge after massage, is it normal?
Yes. For postnatal massage, one of the benefit is to help to get rid of the remaining blood clots after delivery. If you experience heavy bleeding, please consult your doctor.

Q12. I am breastfeeding, is it safe to do a postnatal massage?
Definitely. Our postnatal massage uses hot stone and massage techniques to assist lactation problems such as engorgement or blocked ducts. We do not use any oil on your breasts so it is safe for you to breastfeed immediately after the session. All products used are safe for nursing mums.

Q13. I break wind many times after the massage session. Is it normal?
Yes. Postnatal massage helps to get rid of trapped wind and it is good if you experience this.

Q14. I have sensitive skin, can i still do the massage?
Yes. Our Massage oil blend  is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin . Should you prefer to use your own massage oil, kindly inform us.

Q15. I understand that baby massage classes is given. Is it beneficial to my baby?
Definitely! Studies have shown that baby massage helps building strong bonding, helps in the overall development, offers a sense of security for the newborn, improves blood circulation and aid in digestive system. It also helps to improve and prevent colic conditions and promote calming effects.

Q16. Why is baby massage class given and not a direct baby massage to my baby?
Give the best to your child. We prefer to teach new parents how to a baby massage because the newborn has the closeness to the parents , in particular the mother. By learning how to perform the baby massage, you can be sure to benefit your baby every single day. Your baby is also more comfortable and tends to enjoy the massage better when the mum or dad touches the baby.

Q17. Can i use any baby massage oil to massage my baby?
You may use the baby massage oil which is given complimentary by us to do the baby massage. You may also use your own baby massage oil which is suitable for infant. We do not recommend using of Chinese Oil ” Ru Yi Yu” as it as too spicy and hot for the infant.

Q18. What is the difference between Jamu postnatal massage and Traditional Massage?
Jamu Postnatal Massage is specially designed for mothers after delivery. The techniques, pressure and Jamu herbs used are specially catered for postnatal. Traditional massage is a regular oil massage suitable for relaxation, muscle tension and improve of circulation. Traditional Massage is not suitable for postpartum mummies within 2 months after delivery

Q19. I have a miscarriage or stillborn, is it advisable to do a postnatal massage?
For early stages of miscarriage, you do not need a postnatal massage. You may choose to do a traditional massage to relax your body muscles or strains from surgery. If it happens after 5 months , it is advisable to do postnatal massage and also to do your confinement to nurse and restore your body health back.

Q20. Do you have trial session for postnatal massage?
There is no trial session as it is designed as a course to help you to achieve the maximum effectiveness of a Jamu postnatal massage. Having a trial session defeat the purpose and you will not be able to see the full benefits of a postnatal massage. Traditionally, it is to be done at least 40 days during confinement.

Q21. Can i cancel or shorten my package after booking ?
No Cancellation once booking is done.  Deposit will be forfeited . Shortening of package session is not possible as once booking is done, we will reserve the session slots specially for you. We will advise you to book based on your desired package and you can opt the next available package or option to extend your sessions when you start your postnatal treatments. Kindly update us by the 2nd session if you need any extension of sessions.
Company reserve the right to collect the full payment of the package for any shortening of the package

Q22. How long in advance must i inform if i want to change the time or date after my session is arranged and confirmed ?
For any changes or cancellation of a fixed appointment , a minimum of 24 hour  notice during working hours ( Mon to Sat 9-6 pm)  prior to the appointment is required. Any last minute cancellation of less than 24 hour of a fixed appointment, a charge of $20 is applicable.
This is to ensure that our operation are smooth running for the concerns of other new mums who are awaiting the commencement of their session

Q23. What happens if the assigned therapist is sick or on urgent leave ?
Our office will inform the clients at the soonest on the same day or earlier once we receive news  if your assigned therapist is sick / on urgent leave and  is unable to come for your session. The office will try their best to get a replacement therapist based on the ongoing schedule. In the event that this is not possible, we reserve the rights to postpone your sessions to resume on the earliest available date .