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Hi Rebecca,

Apart from the massage, i am also very pleased with the ginger cream and belly hipster wrap which i bought together when i signed up with the jamu massage. The ginger cream is hot enough and yet it doesn’t make my skin itch unlike the other inferior ginger cream used by other masseurs. Therefore i can keep the binder on from morning till night and it doesn’t itch at all! The belly hipster wrap is easy to use as compared to the traditional binder which can be quite complicated for some of us.

Pei Yu

Hi Rebecca,

Both my mom and myself likes the fragrance of the ginger cream. It does provides a warm comfort feeling when applied on tummy and any other parts of your body. This cream helps to expels tummy winds and relieve back aches. my mom likes it as the warm sensation lasted longer than other ointment and relieves her aches on her body. During the recent promo, we didn’t hesitated and bought ten tubes! Worth buy!

Best Regards


Hi Rebecca,

I just want to say a Big Thank You for recommending the lemongrass shower gel and ginger cream to me. I bought both products as i read the testimonies from your other customers some time back. After delivery, I developed a bad rash on my legs and certain parts of my body due to allergy to the painkiller prescribed by my gynae.

Initially, i was hesitant to use the showergel as my MIL do not allow me to use such products during confinement period, but the itch was killing me so i just went ahead and used it together with the herbs bath everyday. I have to admit after 3 days of using the showergel , my rashes have reduced significantly, the itch has been controlled too. The ginger body cream has help me alot too. As mine was an assisted delivery with epidural, my hands felt numb and painful everyday. Since i can’t take the pain anymore, i decided to use the ginger cream and massage my arms and hands. Surprisingly, just after 10 mins, the blood circulation improved in my hands and i was able to go to sleep feeling less painful and numb. Now, i use both products everyday without fail. I also will stock up these products the next round.

Annie Lim

Hi Rebecca,

The gingerbody cream is great! Noticed it does really help in slimming in my tummy area . When I applied it on pain areas like my knee and thighs, it reduces pain immediately. Most importantly, unlike other medicated oil or creams, this leaves a hot sensation without burning my skin. =)


Hi Rebecca,

I ordered this cream twice for my mil and 92 yr old granny… They both found it good as the “heat” stays for longer unlike the normal creams or ointment which lasts only for a short while then fades off. With the long heating effect, pain or soreness is brought down to the minimal for a longer period… so they like!

Michelle [/tab]

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks, I have received the items. This is the 2nd purchase from you. I got the ginger body cream & lemongrass shower from you the other round for my confinement. So far, I have no regrets esp the ginger body cream. It’s really good!!!

I bought 4 tubes but 3 tubes were used by my mother in law for her backache. hahaha.. Seems like she’s “hooked” coz she has been using it every night.


i luv the ginger body cream, it really effective to get rid of any body aches. It relieve my neck pain and backaches due to long hours of working at the computer. Luv the lasting hot tingling sensation. Is
surely a great buy!


Hi Rebecca,

I’ve personally use the ginger cream before and i think its really gd…love the burning sensation throughout the day. Haven tried the shower gel but my sis n family loves it. Tt’s y i came back to get 5 more bottles for the rest of family:-)


Hi rec’d. Gave to my grandma to try though cos of her painful joints. So far so good tks!


Hi Rebecca,

Both shower gel and cream are very gd! I have tried both.
As for my sister, she like them too. THe ginger body cream has help her to reduce water retention and relieve the pain form her back and joints. She has slim down after apply the cream for about 3 times


Hi Rebecca,
I tried the ginger body cream. Wow! It’s indeed potent, but good! Thanks for the prompt service.


my elderly mil was having pain in her joint btw her shoulder & arm, the pain was quite bad that she could not lift up her arm high. But after a few application of the ginger cream , her arm is slightly better now at least she’s able to lift up her arm 🙂 all thks to the cream which was why she asked me to help her buy another tube. She also commented that the hot sensation is very lasting which she likes it. Usually, she apply the cream after her shower in the evening, until the next early morning, she can still feel slight tinge of the sensation. 🙂

HI Origins,
have received both ginger body cream. They are very very good!

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Only use the ginger body cream because meant to stock up for my confinement. However I experience some aches during pregnancy and the ginger cream really works!

Hi rebecca,

I like the burning sensation from the ginger body cream, it can ease my backache as well as the fragrant of the lemongrass shower gel. This time my confinement is much easier – no more boiling water. thank you.

Just a small update, previously i bought the ginger body cream from you. I find it quite effective on me. A week ago i cant fit 90% of my shorts/pants. A week later, i can fit in even my tightest shorts & still have some allowance too. 😀

My friend recommended the ginger body cream and shower gel to me and I was not having too much expectations on the products as I’ve tried plenty similar ones before but didn’t find any that I like and is good. However, this time round, I was proven wrong! The ginger body cream is great and works well on me. I love the ‘cool then burning’ sensation after application and it kept my determination going to apply it daily! The application every morning could last me the whole day as even after my exercise routine in the evening, I could still feel the ‘burning’ sensation! Thumbs-up!!

As for the shower gel, even my mum loves it so I don’t have to further elaborate the wonders of it. My mum has very sensitive skin but she has no problems with the shower gel and she loves it so much that she reminded me to pre-order before we ran out of it. We really feel good each time after our showers and I believe we will continue the use of it as I’ve already stocked up some! More thumbs-up!!!

I would also like to compliment Rebecca for her excellent service without extra charges! She is always prompt in her replies and efficient in the orders’ delivery. I really enjoy every experience with her and this will definitely last a long time! Thanks Rebecca, and keep up the excellence!


Irene Lim

I personally used Ginger body cream during my postnatal massage and found that this is a good product. My mom also tells me that it is good for her foot joint problem. I then get Ginger body Cream and also the Lemongrass shower gel for my mom. She always applies the cream after showering with the lemongrass shower gel and the effect is good. Now she doesn’t have much foot joint pain and also she feels that her tummy is firmer.



Your email came in nicely, i wanted to send you an email as well. I slipped and sprained an old injured ankle. It was very pain and I can hardly work. After putting ice on the area to reduce the swelling, I decided to try using the ginger body cream to rub before I went to bed. The next day, the pain is very much reduced and there is some slight swelling. I think the cream has made a difference to accelerate the healing.



Hi Rebecca,

I received my products with thanks. Love em! The ginger cream really removes my muscle aches attained from carrying my 10 month old and my 3 year old. I used to be aching all the time (esp my shoulders and back). I massage the ginger cream on my tired muscles at bedtime and viola! all the muscle knots all gone in the morning! thanks


Hi Rebecca,

Received my items and tried out the ginger body cream on my tummy after bath. I love de cool and burning sensation, great! Hotcake

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for ur follow up. the Ginger body cream does help relieve my aches as the heat lasts for quite some time, but have to be careful not to apply too much or there will be a burning sensation.



I like the burning sensation from the Ginger body cream, I use it on my tummy everyday after bathing to reduce my tummy, even till evening, I can feel the burning sensation, which is great. That’s why I am back for more.


Rennie Wee

-my mum has problem climbing up the stair due to her aching knees, and the same day she got the cream, she applied to her aching knees, and she loves the warming sensations, and the next day, she tried climbing up the stairs, and she doesn’t feel the ache as much. Though it’s not a miracle cream as she has knee problems for many years, it really helps to relieve some of the aches in her knees.
– my mother in law told me that she has stiff neck problem, and hurts when she tries to turn her neck. The same day she got the cream, she applied and the next day, she feels a lot better, and she believes the cream helps to relieve the pain in the neck …She loves the scents and keep telling me it smells so good ..

Hi rebecca,

My mum likes the ginger body cream, the winds really can come out. I am back for more orders.’


Love the Ginger body cream. It helps to relieve stiff neck n back pain. Am also using it to reduce my tummy .The shower gel is great as well. I love the cooling sensation.


I am experiencing a lot of wind in tummy during my second stage of pregnancy therefore feeling bloated. I decided to give it a try by using the lemon grass shower gel. It reduce the wind in tummy and I love the scent of the shower gel as it is very refreshing.

From then onwards , I used it daily even in my confinement. I also bought the ginger cream too after reading e good reviews online. I apply it on my back during my pregnancy and it helps to reduce the pain on my back. After that, I even introduce my mom about this great product and she loved it too.


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