A Very Warm Welcome !

My name is Rebecca and a mother of 3 beautiful Bringers of Joy .

Established since 2008, AllTenTic Jamu Massage, a Leading Home Spa in Singapore was born out of passion and a mission to educate mothers the importance of postpartum care afterbirth and the aim of bringing effective Jamu postnatal massage to all new mothers in Singapore.

I experienced my first postnatal massage in 2005. Amidst the intense joy of receiving the first newborn, my body was plagued with aches and pains common to new mothers, with problems such as engorgement, blocked ducts, blood clots, contraction of the uterus which had left me stressed out, nervous and lethargic.

After each session of Jamu Postnatal massage , I was pleasantly surprised to see visible improvements in lactation, curved spine condition and tightening of stomach muscles. Each therapeutic session left me refreshed, energised and more confident of assuming my motherly duties such as breastfeeding and caring for my newborn.

The positive experience with Jamu Postnatal massage sparked my interest and passion in the art of traditional Jamu Massage. Studying under various experienced postnatal specialists and trainers from different countries, I gain an acute understanding and expertise of the traditional Jamu postnatal massage techniques. Taking into consideration the unique needs of many new mothers, i had subsequently redesigned the AllTenTic Jamu Postnatal Massage Treatments to more comprehensive, yielding greater results and satisfaction for all customers.

I strongly believe that “Health is the Greatest Wealth” and postnatal massage is not just about regaining back your looks and appearance. It is also to rejuvenate your body’s health after birth to be able to quickly regain back the strength, energy and confidence and emerged as a rejuvenated, well-rested mother, ready to take on the challenges of motherhood.

Our Massage Treatment Menu – The Beauty of Wellness caters a range of East and West complementary body treatments providing holistic and natural Home Spas massages. Our philosophy in using natural ingredients to create essential products to provide you a tranquil experience of your own Home spa.

Supporting products developed entirely in-house by professionals for mum and baby are also included in our product menu . Each and one of them is carefully Hand picked , Tried and Tested to provide ease and quick solution as part of essentials needed during the postpartum period.

As a Mompreneur, Professional Therapist, International Infant Massage Instructor and a Trained Montessori Directress , Currently I manage my wonderful Team of dedicated support staffs and Professional Masseuses. Together, we are glad to help many mums across various nationalities from Aisa, Europe, Australia & North America regain back their Strength, Energy, Looks and also becoming a confidence and happy mum.

Yours Truly

Rebecca Chan