jm (171)At AllTenTic Jamu Massage, we recongnize the that at different stages of  womanhood, the body undergoes various changes. The 3 major significant  change faced by woman is during puberty , pregnancy and menopause . These 3 major changes which begin from puberty starts when the woman begins her first menstrual cycle. The body undergoes hormonal changes with the monthly cycle , throughout pregnancy, after delivery and beyond.

Our treatment menu comprises of various customized treatments to cater at different stages of womanhood .

Our TCM Massages are suitable for all woman of all ages as a support for maintaing health and balancing our hormones naturally.
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During Pregnancy, Rejuvenate and Relieve your discomfort with our Pregnancy Massage
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Going through childbirth is a rewarding and intimate experience. Recover fast with our Postnatal  Massage packages. Offering either choice of our  AllTentic Signature Jamu postnatal Massage Package which adopt the tradition massage with Lactation massage combining Heated Stone Therapy  or Royal Postnatal massage  combining the classic postnatal  Jamu massage with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Meridian massage , it a match in heaven for the complete rejuvenation for the new mum

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Ease your knots and aches with our Traditional Massage . Choice to combine heated stone therapy to relax the muscles, enhanced the lymph system circulation and to ease bloatedness and ingestion of the tummy.

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