Royal Postnatal Massage Package


Indulge like a Queen for a speedy afterbirth recovery with our Royal postnatal treatment. A comprehensive and complete treatment package that combines Traditional Jamu Postnatal Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Meridian massage, it a match in heaven for the complete rejuvenation for the new mum.
**(Highly Recommended by mummies who tried this treatments)

 How can it benefit you after birth?

Postnatal Woman

For the Postnatal Woman, it is very important to regulate your hormonal cycle after delivery. The TCM Meridian Balanced Treatment course targets on the Imbalance of the body which affects our health, the skin and our feelings.

Using a unique transdermal Phyto Nutrients therapy, this premium cream transports nutrients faster from the skin into the body. Targeting Specific TCM Meridian Massage Techniques, it maximize the efficacy and restoring you to optimal heath levels.

How can it benefit me after birth?

  • Prevent Stagnant Weight Gain afterbirth
  • Firmer Body Skin Tone
  • Increase Metabolic Rate to help in weigh loss
  • Relieve and improve backache / back pain
  • Relieve Numbness in legs
  • Relieve Bloated Tummy , Indigestion & constipation
  • Balancing Hormonal cycle back to Pre-Pregnancy
  • Promote Improved Blood Circulation
  • Restore Inner Balance of the body for a Speedy Recovery
  • Reduces Water Retention
  • Helps to Stabilize & Improve Skin Rashes during / after Pregnancy
  • Helps to Firm Bust Line and prevents Sagging Breasts
  • Restore Womb Functions afterbirth
  • Prevent Postnatal Depression
  • Improve Interest for Sex afterbirth
  • Regain Pre-Pregnacy Charm

massage pic-TM

Royal Postnatal  Jamu Massage package Includes 

1 hour full body Signature Postnatal Jamu Massage, 10 mins application of Jamu Herbs such as  Tapel, Pilis, Slimming Cream and Binding

1 hour 30 min Full body Meridian Balanced Massage using premium Herbal Ageless Cream .Adopting Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) Meridian Massage techniques in balancing hormonal level to pre-pregnancy to improve and restore your wellbeing completely

Complimentary Services Includes :

Lactation/Breast Massage  improve breastfeeding milk flow, clearing engorgement and blocked ducts problems.

– Using Heated Stone Therapy improve breastfeeding milk flow, clearing engorgement and blocked ducts problems  & Aids on improvement of tummy

– Two baby massage Demo classes done in your home

– Binding Services is provided in TCM Meridian Massage in the Royal Package
( note: Ala Carte TCM Merdian Massage treatment does not comes with Binding services)

Complimentary Items Includes:

Customized Cloth Binder ( New) worth $60

Note: Due to hygiene purposes we do not recycle the binder and client do not need to return the binder after completion of package

Customized Premium Jamu Blend of Tapel & Pilis (application during treatments)

BodiNeeds 100% natural baby massage oil.

–  5 bottles x Premium Herbal Ageless Cream (worth $890), used during Meridian Balanced Massage

All other necessary items used during the session will be provided ( Client only need to prepare a Mattress and towels )

10 Days : $1968  (5 Days Jamu Postnatal Massage + 5 Days Meridian Balanced Massage)

12 Days : $2138 (7 Days Jamu Postnatal Massage + 5 Days Meridian Balanced Massage)

15 Days : $2368  (10 Days Jamu Postnatal Massage + 5 Days Meridian Balanced Massage)

Top-up session
– Jamu Postnatal Massage: $100.00 per session ( applicable after 10 day package)
– Meridian Balanced Massage: $258 per session ( applicable after 15 day package)


  • All package prices above are Nett  (Includes all necessary products used in the sessions , No additional cost required)
  • No GST
  • No Additional charges for transportation in Singapore island
  • Transport charge of $40 per day is applicable for Sentosa residence,
    $30 per day for Mimosa, Saraca , Seletar Hill estates , Swiss View estates, Lorong Sesuai & Loyang Estate
  • Professional Mobile Massage Bed can be rented @$85 nett per package
    (Price includes usage & 2 way transportation, subject to availability)

At AllTenTic Jamu Massage, we care so much as how you care for your newborn and that why for any package that you sign up with us, you are entitled a bonus of Complimentary 6 month worldwide Accidental Coverage . Go ahead, select a package that you like and start booking with us to enjoy the benefit of our massage and claim your  bonus.

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