3D Slimming Massage Rollar




3D Slimming Massage Rollar (NEW)

New Kneading Technology 360 rotate design, this improved 3D rollar design adapt and grab effectively different parts of the body.  Using Solar micro current, it help to activate the cells , promote metabolism and circulation of skin . This rollar comes with PT plating dual rollars that suits even sensitive skin and using micro current technology for smooth rolling on the skin



  • Excellent for Body Shaping and Skin Tightening
  • Improve & Promote Blood Circulation
  • Speed up products absorption
  • Relieve Muscles tension
  • Improve Fluid Drainage
  • Comfortable to use

Suitable for all adults, Pre/post pregnancy , Elderly


For external usage only.

For Best results on body shaping , apply with gingerly your cream

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