BodiNeeds Mother’s Nature Fall Control Hair Therapy Shampoo




A perfect blend of goodness from 100% natural ingredients, Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo targets to provide a revitalizing deep cleanse for the scalp and rejuvenating hair growth. Infused with premium ingredients like Ginseng to stimulate growth, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

Lanolin originates from sheep’s skin to lock in moisture and softening of the tresses. Hibiscus Leaf, a natural enhancer for hair growth, Aloe Vera excellent for soothing, healing purposes and Ginger to keep the scalp warm.

Awaken your sensed feeling refreshed, Cleansed and Recharged. 

Suitable for everyone, all hair types and hair fall conditions. Excellent to use during confinement to keep the scalp warm and prevent hair loss. Recommended to continue usage at least 4-6 months after post-pregnancy.

Product Origin: Made in Bali

Packaging: 265ml