BodiNeeds Mother’s  Nature Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Conditioner (Bundle Set) 




Mother’s Nature Fall Control Hair Therapy Shampoo

A perfect blend of goodness from 100% natural ingredients, Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo targets to provide a revitalizing deep cleanse for the scalp and rejuvenating hair growth. Infused with premium ingredients like Ginseng to stimulate growth, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

Mother’s Nature Fall Control Hair Recovery Conditioner 

Calm and soothe your hair with Mother’s Nature Hair Recovery Conditioner that give you a silky and soft finishing touch. Enriched with a combination of fruits and plants extracts, your hair is protected against harsh chemicals. Jojoba Oil which is closest to skin natural sebum, offer great moisturizing to the scalp and improves hair texture and appearance leaving you with a healthier coat of shine.

Product Origin: Made in Bali

Packaging: 265ml each