Lemongrass Confinement Shower Gel 700ml




This natural and refreshing shower gel is specially formulated to be used during confinement period. The 3 major ingredients are Lemongrass, Peppermint and Desmodium Caudatum (A traditional chinese plant )

It is convenient to use, time saving comparing to the Herbs that you need to boil everytime you bath.

It does not leave any sticky feeling after bath and skin feels softer with an aromatic tinge of lemongrass.

Note: Suitable for use during Pregnancy, for Sensitive skin, children above 3 yrs old, Elderly people , After birth ( during confinement) and also for Normal daily usage

Usage: Twice a day or as desired. Continue to use even after confinement to get rid of excess body wind.

Product Origin: Taiwan

Packaging: 700ml