Below are some of our stasified customer whom have benefited from using our Sacred Tea products. The testimonials are from Singapore and other parts of the world as well.

Hi rebecca,

Your sacred tea is amazing.i can still breastfeed my baby and i think my milk is became creamier. The first week after im using sacred tea,this is my expressed milk that i store.


And after consuming it regularly,my milk became so plenty. Thank God,ive found the sacret tea.because i have to leave my son often for bussiness trip.i wont worry my milk isnt enough cause i always have lots of milk. This is my milk of 4 days pumping..


(The photo used above are with consent from our Client)

Happy milking,
Lina, Singapore

Hi Rebecca..

got the tea yesterday via reg mail and immediately try it… wow it is really sacred tea!! works for me !!!


(The photo used above are with consent from our Client)

Pauline , Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

The nursing tea is really very effective. It has enhanced great milkflow and the milk is thicker too. NOw I have stocked up lot of breastmilk as compared to my first pregnancy. I have also recommend this nursing tea to one of my friend when she told me her milkflow had dropped. After drinking it a few days, she told me her milkflow has increased.


My Excess Milk after drinking Sacred Tea

Amount of Breastmilk per pack


(The photos used above are with consent from our Client)

Cindy, Singapore

Hi rebecca,

Sacred tea is very good in stimulating milk product. I seen overnight improvement! Even now, my milk supply is maintained when my baby is on full ebm and I only pump as and when it’s possible or when I am not lazy

Simone Tan , SIngapore

Hi rebecca,

I love this really works hehe..this is my third attempt, i’ve tried Fenugreek and Motherlove Special Milk Blend but it doesnt really increase my supply..Though the increase is not that much, but i can feel the milk let down is faster and the production of milk is faster too as i can feel my breasts getting fuller by the hour.. it used to be very difficult to feel my breasts full even after 4-5 baby girl is also pooing much often (used to be once every 3-5 days and we tend to get worried) as in at least once a i guess she is drinking more milk 🙂

My sister, Dianah was the one who bought me the tea..Thank u so much Rebecca for bringing in the tea to Singapore! 🙂

Lynnah, Singapore

Hi rebecca,

After taking mortillium for 3 days, I still dun see any increment in my supply and I really felt depressed. So I decided to start taking sacred tea which I bot before my delivery. After a day, I realised that my breast start to get engorged and needs to be pump regularly. My bb who latch on also suck faster and ( happier) with the constant flow of milk! As a mother, I can’t get happier than this! It’s barely 2 weeks from my delivery and I am seeing my milk supply stablised and with the consistent pumping and latching, I am back to my prepreggy weight!

Thanks Rebecca for ur suggestions and encouragements!
Wendy ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca ,

i have went thru the saddness of my sudden dropped in milk from initial 100ml manual pump decline to 30ml – 50ml per pump ( 3 to 4 hours interval ). My husband wanted me to stop as i have to spent more than half an hour to pump for the sake of 50ml. After recommended by my friend your sacred tea, I have decided to give it a try. After drinking the tea for 1 to 2 days , I can feel the let down and production of milk is faster. My supply has gone back to my initial amt of 100ml or times 120ml+ ( interval of 3 hours to 4 hours ) and 60ml to 70ml for interval of 2 hours. Most importantly , I only required 15 mins to express it out.

Million of thanks to your tea, I have regained my confidence and enjoy my expressing. Not only that , I do not drink the tea in day but a cup before sleep. It helps in my milk flow , soothe my mind to enable me with a good sleep as I do have insomnia problem.

I will continue to order from you and recommend to my friend.

Joyce, Singapore

Hi Rebecca

I have been struggling with low and inconsistent milk supply (sometime expressed only 20/30ml after 4hr) .This made me feel despondent as my son always get frustrated when he latched on, and I have to top up every feeding with formula milk.

Within 2 days after drinking the tea, I can feel my breast is filling up and my son is latching on longer and he is happier.Now back at work, I am able to express and store 2 bottles each day and nurse him in the evening.
Maybe to some, it’s not alot of milk.. but it’s a miracle to me who faced an empty freezer with no stored milk for the past 3mths.THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing in this tea. My baby and I are definitely happier now.

Yvonne, Singapore


Would like to feedback my experience of the sacred tea after drinking for one week. Initially my milk flow decreased after i have started work due to work stress. However, after the 2nd consumption of the sacred tea (I did not consume daily though, the 2nd consumption was only done on the 3rd day), i can feel the increase in milk flow immediately. I was previously on Fenugreek capsule but the effect was not as good as this Sacred Nursing Tea. I would definately recommend to any nursing mother i know.

Best Regards,
Peck Lin ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

Thanks for your tea. I managed to total breastfed my daughter. Initially my supply just barely enough to sustain the next feed. But after taking the sacred tea, my supply increased by 50-60ml every pump. Now i can pump 180ml both breasts every 4hrly (mayb to some mummies, this is not a lot but it is already a 50% increased for me!). Thanks to the sacred tea. I managed to freeze my extra BM which i had no chance to do so for my elder son. 🙂

serene ,Singapore

I breastfeed my no. 1 without any supplement, I must said the job was a tough one. So with my current no. 2, I did my work in searching the right supplement which is safe for my baby and bring me good quality and quantity milk. I have selected sacred tea. Now i got productive milk factory and a happy customer whom is …my little princess. Thank you Origins for bringing the joy in my breastfeeding journey.

Fiona, Singapore

Hi Rebecca,
“For my first 2 pregnancies, I took fenugreek tablets (that I bought from the pharmacy) to boost my milk supply. The tablets gave me stomach upsets, and I always felt bloated. My urine also had a very strong lingering sweet smell which was embarrassing. With the Sacred Nursing Tea, I was able to boost my milk supply without the aforementioned side-effects. I am very pleased with it, and would recommend this to other mothers.”

Mrs Wong ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

I recently purchased a packet of 6.5oz sacred tea from your BP. At that time, I was on fenugreek capsules, mother’s milk tea and recently introduced motherlove more milk special blend into my daily repertoire of breastmilk supplements. It was only with the combined effects of all 3 that I was able to pump out about 2 feedings for my son. I didn’t start on sacred tea immediately after I bought it as the ingredients are similar to those that I’ve tried earlier and honestly, I’m skeptical that it will work. Hence, after finishing all the above, I tried something else and I saw my supply dropping again. Horrified, I opened up my packet of sacred tea to try and within a day my supply is back up again. It’s been 2 days only since I started drinking. I’m not sure if it will improve my supply further but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, I’m writing in to thank you for introducing all the wonderful products to me.

Althea ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

My milk supply has never been good- My daughter latches on well and I pump regularly, 30 mins after everytime she has latched on and when she does not, every 3-hourly. Despite my effort, every yield is only around 1 oz or less. Let’s put it this way, prior nursing tea, my supply was enough for 2 feeds and the other 4 feeds were supplemented by formula. I was despondent and tried everything-green papaya with fish bones, fenugreek, goat’s rue, motilium….All to no avail…

I decided to try the nursing tea,having tried everything else. To my delight, my yield got better. I still cannot realise my dream of having a freezer full of milk, but at the very least, I can almost fully breast feed my daughter, occasionally supplementing with one formula feed. To me, it is a marked improvement!

Caren ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

The tea can really increase my milk supply. Previously i need to pump a few times a day to get 8-10ml milk. After drinking the tea for about 3 days i can get this amount with only one pump.

Eileen, Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

I am lucky! So glad that you have a packet in stock for me!

The tea has definitely helped to increase my breastmilk supply, even within the first 1-2 days of using it. I’ve been drinking it for more than a week now & its still working. My milk supply seemed to be diminishing before but after trying this tea, I have more confidence that I’ll be able to sustain breastfeeding for a longer period than expected. Very happy about that!

Joanne ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

I have tried many supplements, mother’s milk tea, fenugreek capsules, more milk plus capsules including motilium but do not find it effective till I tried sacred tea. I hesitated to buy initially cos I find the contents similar to some other supplement that I was taking. My milk supply continues to be low after taking those supplement and I decided to give a try. You can imagine all those frustration of a low milk supply and also to manage a baby especially so, this being my first one till I try sacred tea. After a week or so, my milk supply increased and I am so thrilled.. In fact, sacred tea has helped me to maintain my supply after I have started work which I anticipated it will decrease. Thanks, Rebecca for your patience to my questions and your service too.

Ellen ( Singapore)

Hi rebecca,

Read about the Sacred Nursing tea online and wanted to give it a try. Was desperate to boost my milk supply for my newborn son as he was unable to latch on. After drinking the tea over a period of 6 days, I found that my supply indeed increased! I was able to provide enough for my son as well as some to storage! Thanks for bringing in such a wonderful product. Will tell all my nursing friends about it!

Stephanie( Singapore)

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the advice. My body is reacting to the tea finally. I observed a steady increase in my milk supply. I managed to store 250ml of milk on top of the normal intake by my child.

Thank you.
Tina, Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

The tea is very effective, my milk flow has increased by 20% within 2 days of consumption. I am not worried anymore about not having enough milk for my baby.
Thanks for bringing in the Sacred Tea.

Marie ,Singapore

Dear Rebecca,

Thanks for the sacred tea. It is really effective, the next day after i consumed the tea my milk flow has increased. I will sure recommend this to anyone who i know that like to have a healthy and sufficient milk flow.

Seymour ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

milk supply increased! I experienced more let down! thank u so much!
Esther , Singapore

Hi rebecca,

I also like the breast milk tea. Breastfeeding this round ( my 2nd pregnancy )is much easier with the tea. I think it does have an effect of increasing my breast milk quite a bit. On that note, I would like to get another 2 packets of the breast milk tea.
Charis ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

I like to get another pack. The tea did help to boost my supply.
Tarus ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca

Would like to order 3 more packs. I start to notice slight increase in my milk supply only after 1 week of tea. I make 1 pot of tea daily & pump 3 times a day (abt 200 – 300ml of breast milk for both every 4hrly) with no latching.

Anna ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

While researching on methods to boost milk supply, i came across your sacred tea and decided to give it a shot. Amazingly, my supply did increase and some sessions, i even noticed that it doubled. So thank you, Rebecca, for the tips and advice you’ve given me. My baby and I thanked you for that.

Lina ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

As I’m solely on expressing. Every 4hr express, the volume I got is only between 100-120ml. But it is not enough for my boy who need to be feed every 2.5-3hrs which is totally not enough for his appetite. Till I came across this thru my friend intro. It took me abt 5 days supply to raise. Now every pump I can get around 180-210ml. Most importantly is to relax, have a gd rest and drink plenty of water.

Wei Wei, Singapore

Hi rebecca,

The tea does help, I can pump more aft each feed. i am back for more orders 🙂

Yvonne , singapore

Hi there ,

I have received my sacred tea some time back. After drinking the tea, my milk supply did increase – i could feel myself engorged very soon afterwards.

Sihong ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

I got my tea! This is the 2nd packet I ordered from u. Thanks so much for getting the tea to me so promptly , really a saviour and my girl can continue to be on total breastmilk 🙂

lynn chong ,Singapore

Hi rebecca ,

Your tea is very good. I can pump almost double now, previously I can get past 2oz and I’ve tried fenugreek, mother’s milk tea etc etc. I back for more now…

Amelia , Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

“The sacred tea tastes good, and helped boost my milk supply throughtout the first two months.”

Linda ,Singapore

Dear Rebecca

Thanks for the update. As promised, pls see my testimonial: This tea works for me indeed! My milk supply has increased tremendously and the milk quality has improved upon the 1st day of consumption! The milk seems to be thicker and “creamier” now.I love the scared tea!

Zepth ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

I’m a returning customer. It works for me as my supply has increased from 60ml to 100ml after taking for a few days. Almost double!

Serene ,Singapore

I received my tea and have been drinking it everyday. It really helps in boosting my supply. Not only that, I had previously tried taking fenugreek pills which gave me severe stomach cramps after 4 dosages. With this sacred tea, there was no discomfort at all. Am extremely pleased with it.

Thanks and regards,
Tricia , Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

I am back for more tea! Tried 3 days so far and noticed milk increase already. Normally when i pump will be around 60ml per side, but after drinking, can pump up to 130ml each side!

Betsmok ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca!

The tea really works for me…after I start working I find that my supply dipped so I took the sacred tea drink every nite before I sleep and I notice that my supply has gone back to the original level!

RayWen ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

The tea definitely help boost my milk supply by 3x! It also aid me in my digestion after i deliver. Will definitely recommend the tea to my preggy friends. That is why im ordering more. 2 tumbs up for the sacred tea!!

Azline Singapore

Hi Rebecca

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve received the tea last week but only tried it these few days as I didn’t have a tea strainer. The tea is good. I see an increase in supply after taking the tea for 2 days. As I’m solely expressing out my breast milk, my supply has been stagnant. Recently the supply has dropped as I was busy taking care of my daughter and didn’t have the luxury to pump regularly. Saw the tea in BP and decided to try. It’s really effective! I would like to order another 3 more packets.

Jade , Singapore

Hi rebecca,

The tea is great in improving and sustaining the milk supply. Even after engorgement due to sleep at night, the milk supply will not reduce if the tea is drank in the day. please put in my 2nd order for the 6.5 oz. tks

lay teng ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

When I first tasted the tea, the taste is not very nice. Tried putting in honey, but also the taste is quite weird. Subsequently though, somehow I find the taste of the original tea improving as I drank more of it. Also, I believe it works as my breasts leak quite soon after taking it. Hence I ordered another packet. Especially with my maternity leave ending, and me going back to work. Need extra help in boosting milk flow!!

Ryfuer ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca,
Yes I have received the tea. I started drinking it about 2 days ago & have already experienced an increase in milk supply. Thanks very much for recommending this product on your website!


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks. I had received it:) It works on me. My milk have increased after i took the tea.

Geraldine ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks and I received the tea promptly. i do realised an increased in my breastmilk after i consumed the tea.

Charlene ,Singapore


After drinking a few days of the tea, really notice an increase in my milk supply. So I’m bk for more tea and hope my supply will continue to increase. Thanks Rebecca for bringing in this product!

Baby eve, Singapore

Hi rebecca

Tea is great. My milk supply increased much after 1-2 days of drinking it. Excellent!

Sarah ,Singapore

hi rebecca, ok i had already tried the tea n it really did help to increase the milk supply almost immediately!

BluzCorner ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

I just started the tea which i received.I did feel a slight increase in my supply during the last 2 days when i took the tea.

Thanks & regards
Kelly , Singapore

Hi rebecca,

The taste is actually not too strong which makes it quite easy to drink. Although my supply is rather stabilized by now. There was times that I managed to yield 220ml (instead of the usual 160-180ml)

Lindy, ,Singapore

Hi Rebecca

Tks!Could see the effect after taking it for 2 days.

Sarah, Singapore

HI Rebecca,

yup, I find the sacred tea does help to produce the milk supply… thanks

Flanna ,Singapore

Hi rebecca,

Before i took the nursing tea, i hardly expressed BM of 20ml in one pump. After drinking the tea, i can easily expressed in one pump and discovered my milk supply gradually increased.

Eileen , Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

The tea helped me increase my milk flow within 2 days and I still drink a cup daily to maintain it. Thanks for bringing in such a great product.

Grace, Singapore

Hi rebecca,

the sacred tea, it indeed increase my milk supply and let me move my bowels more often, no more constipation.

Rennie Wee, Singapore

Hi Rebecca,

the tea really helped! I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of milk that I can express after 3-4 days of drinking it. I would like to order another 3 pkts.

Ker Shin, Singapore

Testimonials from mummies in other parts of the world

I’m BEYOND excited to get this tea again. When I used my first bag last week, it was incredible. I was able to get 4 oz. while pumping when I had never gotten more than 2.5.! It was in the middle of the night but that’s okay!! I was thrilled! Your tea is wonderful and I can’t wait to get it! Thank you!!

Dana. P Elmont, NY

I want to say that the tea is amazing! Thank you so much for the advice that using the pump is for work. I have gone back to breast-feeding all thru the evenings after work,and 2-3 times during the night has really helped get my milk back in. I’ve enjoyed the tea and find it relaxing. I’am feeling so much more confident about being able to continue breast-feeding as long as possible. Very Much Pleased!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy in SC

when I first came upon your website I was a desperate mother. I have had gone through a couple of other “remedies” to help my milk production, but of course they did not work. I had even been tried one Danish beer a day, which worked but the thought of the alcohol content bothered me.Then I went online and I googled “increase breast milk supply” and by God’s merciful grace your page caught my eye. As soon as the website opened up I began to relax to the beautiful music. As I began to read about you, your credentials and how the creation of “the secret tea”, I knew this was the way to go. The fact that is 100% organic gives me peace of mind that my child is only going to get good, healthy milk. I ordered it that night and received it within 3 days. Within 24 hours of drinking the tea I could feel that the production of the milk glands was more intense.

Peace & Love Ima Padgett, Fayetterville, GA

I have been telling folks about this “tea” and all are SO happy that I have found something that helps. I mentioned in an earlier e-mail to you that I am under a TON of stress, that is when the problem began (my father is terminal). The baby seems to be no worse for the wear, but she has gone from a child that HATES the car seat – to one who sleeps during my 6 hour drive to my fathers every other weekend. Other than being a little gassy. I guess that the stress is changing the chemical makeup, I have not changed eathing habits. The tea though… she can poot with the best of them, but has no adverse effects of the typical gassy belly. Just seems to pass through and does not bother her. I was so scared the first time that I made it, thinking UGH this is going to taste nasty. IT DOES NOT!!! My husband and I have 3 children, a 12 year old daughter, a 17 month old son and 3 month old daughter. The 12 year old tasted the tea and even she said it tasted good. I do miss my cups of tea, and can’t wait for it to come in the mail. Again, thank you not only for the insight for making the tea, but as well as your support.

Kelly D, Haughton, LA

When I bought the tea in late December it was because I was concerned that I didn’t have enought milk since drinking the tea my supply has increased and i no longer have to worry. It’s a big relief for me. I’m grateful I came accross your website,

Joanna Hay, Galway, Ireland

I just received your tea and had one cup last night. OMG (oh my god) I already see the differences!! Many thanks for advices! I am glad that I’ve come cross your website and ordered the tea! BTW, the tea is awesome! I cannot thank you enough! I hope you can extended your service in LA area. Many people can greatly benefit your service!

Best Regards,
Mary Lu, LA

I just have to say Thank you for your tea it really has helped a lot and I was so afraid I was going to have to go to formula sooner than I wanted too.

Heather S. Sacramento ,CA

I am so proud to have found this product. I find myself looking forward to my tea time. My father was diagnosed terminal when my daughter was a month old. With the stress I began to not produce enough milk. With the tea, I have enough, and the added bonus of my daughter not being so gassy. Personally I don’t add regular tea, I just drink the formula. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly D. Louisiana

Thank you for your help and support. I have been drinking the tea for a week and breastfeeding as much as possible. I feel more confident now and a little less stressed. It was so thoughtful of you to take the time to write me back, I appreciate it and it helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

Annmarie, NY

When I bought the tea in late December it was because I was concerned that I didn’t have enought milk since drinking the tea my supply has increased and i no longer have to worry. It’s a big relief for me. I’m grateful I came accross your website,

Joanna Hay, Galway, Ireland

This stuff really works!! thanks sooo much!! i had tried everything!

Maria C, Clermont FL

Hi, i writing to Thank You, for responding to my previous email and for all your wonderful advice. I did exactly what you suggested. I nursed my daughter as often as needed to produce my milk supply and very important learned to be patient. I’m happy to let you know I’m back to breastfeeding only. Your advice helped me a great deal and I appreciated very much. THANKS, and God Bless!!!

Nora Jasso

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