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Massaging New Mums back into Shape
By Grace Chew

Imagine a 60 minute reprieve from the relentless routine of tending to a crying newborn to indulge in a pampering massage in the comfort of your own home.

This is what Ms Rebecca Chan envisioned for new mums where she started her massage service specialising in postnatal Jamu massage last year. Ms Chan first experienced the benefits of a Jamu massage after the birth of her first child in 2005.

A friend strongly recommended that she try this traditional Indonesia massage that can be proven to help woman regain their health and strength after childbirth. “After a few days , my body aches and water retention eased off. And within two months after childbirth, I regained my pre-pregnancy figure,” said the 29 year old.

She always had a special interest in spas and massages but was especially impressed by what the postnatal massage achieved for her. Her first hand experience led her to recommended it to others.

She was so convincing that a friend started teasing her about running this as a business. Little did he know how seriously she took his comment. In 2007, this spa enthusiast enrolled in a specialised Jamu massage training programme. After freelancing for a year, she left her eight year old job in the food and beverage industry to set up Origins Jamu Masage.

Heal and Educate

Focusing mainly on postpartum care, Origins Jamu Massage has two objectivies-” Healing and Educating” new mothers.

Her core treatment combines traditional postnatal Jamu masage with hot Basalt stone compression and lactation services. “The three different therapists when employed together help revitalise and rejuvenate one’s body while tackling lactation problems often faced by new mothers” she said.

To cater to as many women as possible, her postnatal massages are performed at the customers’ home. “New mothers are very stretched for time. By bringing the service to their homes, we save them the time and inconvenience of travelling,” she explained. This way, she also saves on rental costs and provides her services at competitive prices.

She personally traines her therapists to ensure each massage technique is accurately executed and that they are equipped to improve the overall well-being of the customer.

“I encourage my masseuses to tend to the customer’s physcial and emotional needs,” she said, “even if it means providing a listening ear during the massage.” When asked about what she remembers most about her training sessions, Mdm Kharlsom, one of her five therapists says “Rebecca always reminds us to massage from our hearts”.

Other than massages, she brings in different products and appliques of creams and oils from Asia and US for pregnant woman, new mums and babies. These include slimming creams, teas to improve lactation and even lip balm that ease morning sickness.

This capable one woman operation manages everything from home. “I work on the go” says the mother of two. A constant challenge for Ms Chan is scheduling. On one occassion, 12 of her customers delivered within the same week. In such situations, she is thankful for diligent therapists and understanding customers.

Making a Difference

Ms Chan believes that ” Health is Wealth”. As a mother, the best gift she can give her children is good health.” Only when i am healthy can i provide for them and be involved in their everday life. “she said. She wants this for all other mothers and hopes that more wil be aware of the benefits of postnatal masasge.

Her next step is to extend her services abroad through a franchising programme.

For those starting out on their own, she advised ” Know what you want in life, then look for the means to get you there. Remember there is no such thing as failure, only people who do not try or give up.”

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