Being Indonesian, I have long known the benefits of jamu and post natal massage. When I gave birth to my son in 2009 I was unfortunately not able to find a reliable source for post natal massages. And honestly thought it would be ok to do without it. But much to my dismay I only manage to loss 2.5 kg and most of the water retention stayed with me for next one and the half years. 🙁

Hence, when I discover that I was expecting my second baby, I was determine to have post natal care by hook or by crook. After much research online, I decided to engage AllTentic Jamu Massage, I felt it was the best decision made. This time round I lost a total of 7.5 kg with almost all the water retention gone!!

The massue was great and very very professional. I had a blast and was well rested during my post natal. My husband only complain? How come the men don’t get it?
Thank you Rebecca for Alltentic ! Couldn’t have done it without you. I highly recommend Alltentic !!
Dewi Joel Chandra, Indonesian

Hi Rebecca,
I had 10 fantastic sessions under your therapist . She was friendly &approachable. The massages were always relaxing and she’d also work on problems areas like my shoulders when I asked her to. I lost 5.5inchs around my waist after 10 sessions! Will definitely recommend AllTentic jamu massage to my friends.
Best regards,
Corrine, Holland Village

Hi Rebecca,

Yes, your therapist was good and skilful. I enjoyed the 7 sessions and indeed my tummy has returned to near pre pregnancy condition. She had also helped to massage my breasts to help the milk to flow in and taught me how to massage the breasts before pumping to increase milk flow. Before massage, my milk flow was slow, but gradually increased towards the end of the massage. The hot stone is good to dispel the blood clots and help to clear the hard milk ducts.

Overall the experience is good. In my next pregnancy, i will still like to engage her services.
Hs, Sembawang

hi Rebecca,

First i would like to say a BIG THANK YOU, for sending a good therapist to me.
I always tot post natal massage is just a simple massage and not worth paying also having stranger coming to my house also a worry for me and lastly after giving birth 2mths, can it really help? This are all my doubts..

But after the 5 session with your therapist – i truely believe that post natal massage does help ALOT. Your therapist not only punctual and friendly she also clearly explain to me every step she’s doing on me. After my massage, I can actually sleep very well, and to my surprise my backache seem to be better , (after having my 1st kid i always tend to have backache problem, and having the 2nd one makes it worst )
Lastly, would oso like to thank her for constant reminder of having wearing the binder for at least 10hrs. Now my tummy is really getting smaller. Is such a miracle to me. And not to forget she works on my thigh area which always complain to her that i cant button my jeans, too my surprise after the 5 session, i can button my jeans now!
I would definetly recomend anyone to your company for post natal massage.
Elderina, Hillside

Hi rebecca
I delivered my first child overseas via c-section end of September. As jamu massage wasn’t available in that country, I had to wait until I came back to Singapore. By that time, I was already 4 months post pregnancy. However, I still looked like I was 3 to 4 months pregnant. What’s worse was that my stomach was pointed.
I researched several jamu massages and narrowed down my search to two popular companies in Singapore. The first one which I emailed while I was overseas and called when I came back to Singapore never did respond to my queries even though they promised to revert. The second one, which was All-ten-tic, replied as soon as I emailed them. The lady, Rebecca, was very prompt in replying to my queries and arranged a slot for me even though I contacted her at the last minute.
I signed up for the 7 sessions post natal massage. My assigned therapist a bubbly and cheerful lady. She always arrived on time for our sessions. Her touches were very soothing and relaxing yet effective. The most effective part was the wrap after ginger cream and jamu herbs were applied. After I had removed the wrap after the first session, I noticed that my stomach was significantly flatter. I have finished my 7 sessions and my stomach is almost back to how it was before I was pregnant. I am glad I signed up for my postnatal jamu massage and would definitely recommend this treatment to all mothers who want to regain their figure quickly!
Lina , Serangoon

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your wonderful service. The therapist has been very professional and we hit off very well. So, every session has been a relaxing one and I look forward to every session. I must say that I was a bit apprehensive about AllTentic Jamu Massage as I had no friends who had gone through any sessions from you so I couldn’t obtain any feedback from them. I depended on the testimonies on your webpage and decided to give it a try. This is my 2nd c-section, and I have not tried any post-natal massage before this. So, I was doubtful about the effectiveness of the massage, especially so when I started only 1 month after the birth of my baby (as I heard from friends that the massage won’t be effective after 1 month). But lo and behold, after the 3rd session, I lost 1 inch each from my tummy and hips! And right now, I’ve lost yet another 0.5 inch from my tummy and 1 more inch from my hips! I’m totally satisfied and I know my decision to engage Alltentic Jamu Massage is absolutely right!
Lydia , Ang Mo Kio

Hi Rebecca,

I will like to thank you and my therapist for the endearing and professional services provided. My therapist made me feel very comfortable. Even though I had a space constrain in my room for the massage session, the therapist was accomodating to work within the allocated space and still able to provide a relaxing massage.
The 5 massage sessions was extremely beneficial for a worn-out mother of a newborn. I especially love the hot stone massage which helps to relief the engorgement in my breasts. After each session, I feel extremely energised.
In all, I have lost 4 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my hips. A satisfied customer! 🙂
Mandy, Bedok

Hi Rebecca,
The massage was excellent. She is very knowledgeable and able to advice me what are the causes of the aches I have. The hot stone worked well on my stomach and during these 10 days massage, I have lost at least 4 inches from my waistline. I felt much lighter now as the massage has helped to remove a fair bit of water retention from my body. I strongly encourage all mothers to have such massage after giving birth.

Veronica, Tampines

Hi Rebecca,
I be glad to give your services a testimony.
“I had engaged AllTentic for my post natal massage 10 sessions . The massage was rejuvenating and relaxing. my masseuse, has excellent skills in massaging the right locations of my body. In less than 3 sessions, I have seen a remarkable loss of weight and inches off my body. I have also regained my pre-pregnancy weight and lost 9″ off from my weight. Thank you Origins. I will not hesitate to come back after for other relaxation massages.”
Best regards
Joleen Ng , Jurong

Hi Rebecca,
Sorry for the late reply.
I am very glad that I have taken up the 7 days post natal massage package from Alltentic Jamu Massage. The massages was extremely relaxing and really worked to ease the discomfort on my back. After the massage I felt relaxed and could sleep very well. I couldn’t believe that after removing the binder from my first session there was a big improvement on my tummy and how much flatter it was. After 7 days of treatment it is almost back to normal. The therapist is also very punctual and always check to see if I am comfortable with the pressure. Overall, a very good experience. Thank you once again.
Janiviy Chang, Jurong

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry for the late reply.
I enjoyed my 7 sessions of post-natal massage. Your therapist is very professional, friendly, attentive and thoughtful. She has made me feel relaxed and comfortable during the massage. She was great and punctual as well.

I would like to compliment your massage therapist for her services. I had breast engorgement problem & after the massage my milk flow increase. She used hot stone to ease muscle tension, relieve wind pain and breast engorgement.
The Jamu wrap was effective in firming my tummy. My tummy looks flatter, even my husband and mother-in-law told me I looks slimmer 🙂
I hope to engage her service when I have my 2nd baby again. Thanks. I will recommend this service to anyone who is going for confinement.
Lilian, Rivervale

Hi Rebecca!! Sorry for late reply. Been very busy with my son.
The therapist did a great job massaging my hard body and using the hot stone compress.My body aches and pains reduced tremendously after the sessions.After using the binder, my stomach went down a few inches and i can now wear back some shorts which i am unable to wear even after delivery.
Kudos to Alltentic Jamu massage!!
Annie, Hougang

Hi Rebecca
Thanks for your email. I enjoyed the massage tremendously. It helped to quickly reduce my waist and hip by 3 and 4 inches respectively. The massage also relieved me from body aches due to pregnancy.
I especially appreciate the breast massage which helped relieved engorement. This can be a nightmare for breast feeding mums.
I definitely will recommend friends to engage your service.

Thanks so much.
Best regards
Joann ,Yishun

“I was attracted to Alltentic Jamu Massage when I read on its website that it provides hot stone massage to relieve engorged breasts and blocked ducts. This is especially interesting to me as I had suffered from mastitis twice when I was breastfeeding my second child. As such, I was determined to find a solution that can help to clear blocked ducts. Unfortunately, the therapist I used for my earlier two pregnancies does not provide this added service I was looking for.
I must say that I am impressed with the personal touch that Rebecca gives towards her customers. Despite giving less than the required booking period, rebecca did her best to accommodate my request to start my sessions on a certain date and time. There were even occasions where she would personally deliver the products to me!
It took about 5 – 6 sessions for the therapist to help relieve and clear my blocked ducts. Thereafter, she also gave tips on how to massage my breasts if I encounter blocked ducts again. This service certainly meets what I was initially looking for when I engaged AllTenTic Jamu Massage.
Separately, I bought the lemongrass shower gel and ginger cream as recommended. I find the Ginger cream extremely helpful in relieving tensed muscles on shoulders and lower back especially from the long hours of carrying and breastfeeding the baby. I like the feeling of the heat after applying the cream and how much better i feel after that. I have been using it daily since I delivered. Highly recommended!!! ”
Esther, Serangoon

Hi Rebecca,
After a 10-day session, I must admit I am convinced by the testimonials on the website.
I did a 5-day package with a free lancer Makcik prior to the 10-day package from AlltenTic Jamu Massage and I could see and feel the difference. Therapist from AJM was very friendly and she effectively helped me ease my joint pains. With the additional use of the hot stones (the previouse freelancer did not use), I noticed an increase in the amount of discharge which means my blood clots were being effectively cleared. She also provided me additional advice such as to
wear panty with “girdle effect” to give additional support as I had to carry me 2-year old daughter frequently even during confinement.
All in all I felt that the service and the quality of the massage was excellent, will definitely go back to them again and recommend them to my friends.
Doreen , Serangoon

Hi Rebecca,
‘During my 1st pregnancy, I didn’t really bother much about my body and thus, it took me a very long time to regain my body to pre-pregnancy time. This has affected me physically & emotionally. So when I was carrying my 2nd child, I decided to take up postnatal massage. I googled and came across AllTentic Jamu Massage where I read more about postnatal massage and decided to give it a try. Now, I’m glad I took up the 7-days sessions. Within 7 days, the result was impressive. Not only did it speed up my womb shrinkage, it also tighten and toned my over-stretched tummy. I feel more confident.
Thanks to AllTenTic Jamus Massage and thanks to Rebecca for your advice.’
Teik Hui, Compassvale

hi rebecca,
the service was great, my therapist came on time and finished everything within the session hour. she also helped me with my engorgement. i also liked the binder, which i felt was very effective and very tight. my tummy went down quite clearly after the five sessions.
Charis ,Bedok

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry for the late reply. Glad to say that I am one satisfied customer of AllTenTic Jamu! The therapist gave excellent service. I had water retention problem for my legs. What I really liked was the fact that both therapists gave me a lot of additional pointers and advice on how to reduce water retention without being asked and it worked 🙂 Another plus point was the hot stone breast massage which helped me greatly as I am breastfeeding. My milk flow increased after the first session and I am one happy mummy! Apologies as I didnt take any before and after pic of my tummy but I am happy to feedback that the massage and binder did wonders! Thank you again for the good service. 🙂
Warm regards,
Norfaiza , Choa Chu Kang

Dear Rebecca
This is my 1st time using Jamu massage although it’s my 3rd delivery. For the 1st two of my delivery, I had also engaged massge lady but with your Jamu massage it gave post natal massage a whole new meaning. Therapist was very professional about her job. I like the hot stone which helps me to release my engorgement and the wrapping of the cloth was very effective in reducing my tummy. within five days it was reduced to almost before my pregnacy state.
Valerie, Senja

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage sessions with your therapist, having that hour each day to just lie back and be pampered was so wonderful, and made me very relaxed for the rest of the day. I lost my extra tummy very quickly, and she was particularly helpful in relieving engorgement when my milk came in – this made breastfeeding so much easier.

By the end of my massage sessions I was nearly back to my pre-pregnant shape!
Brigid Kennan , from New Zealand

Dear Rebecca,

I really enjoyed the postnatal massage. And the best, I gained 25 kg during my pregnancy and after a 7 day session I already lost 11kg. And I am very sure, that was because of the massage. With my first baby I didn´t get the massage, as back home I never heard of it. After the post-natal massage I felt and looked like after three months with my first baby.
I already recommended your service to a friend and would always do that again.

Many thanks to you
Claudia, from Germany

Dear Rebecca,
I certainly enjoyed the services of AlltenTic Jamu. Before I share my experience of the massage, I would like to thank you for the warm reception I’ve received since the day we started communicating about my enquiries to the booking of the 10day package. All my enquires were responded very quickly and you were very assuring. You were able to accommodate my last minute request to start the massages after my C-section op since my confinement lady was going back. \ my appointed masseur really made my 10day package worthwhile. She was friendly and very punctual, and most importantly she puts her clients first, always trying her best to accommodate our requested massage schedule. I could see significant difference in my tummy area after the 10days, however it could be much better if I was able to tolerate the pain from C-section area. If any of my friends were to request a reccommendation for post-natal massage, AllTentic is definitely the only choice
Eugenia , Ang Mo Kio

Dear Rebecca,
As someone who don’t like massages, i’m really very happy with the massages. I have a very sensitive spine and always have a problem with back massages but this time round, the massage was good and it really did work wonders for my aching back. Am glad that I decided to engage your services last minute. Thanx for everything.
Xue’er, Compassvale

I only have one word to describe AllTentic jamu services – GREAT!! Rebecca is very professional & prompt in her services so are her therapist. I never failed to fall asleep during e one hr session, I would say it’s money well spent as it provided a quality ‘me’ time in mindst of stressing over breast feeding n night shifts.. Mummies go for it because we deserve it =D
Evonne , Eunos

Hi Rebecca
Yes i really enjoyed and benefited from the services delivered!
Your therapist is very helpful and good in her skill. She was able to understand the stress which some mothers might go through during confinement, such as breast engorgement, handling of the baby, emotional down etc and shared with me her own experience of how she was coping with four children while doing the massage for me. In fact, after the first session, my breasts engorgement were minimised tremendously. I always felt much better and relax after the massage session.However, the most oblivious result was my tummy. My husband and the rest of the family members commented that they did see a great reduction of my tummy before and after the massage. In addition, i had lost about 4 kg during the 10 massage session, from 67.4 kg after giving birth, to 63.4 kg after my last massage session.
I would engage your service again if i were to have a second child.
Best regards
Mrs Ng , Ang Mo Kio

Hi Rebecca,

Gotten to know AllTentic Jamu from SingaporeMotherHood forum. Package was booked and confirmed at ease and as I had undergone c-sect (originally planned for normal delivery), was allowed to do the massage 4 weeks after delivery which was way after my scheduled EDD (thus not original date that i was supposedly to start massage). Therapist texted me week after week to check if there is any pain around my incision area before we confirmed a date to start the massage. I felt comfortable as i was not pushed to start the sesson early since i still had pain at week 3. Things required during the massage like # if towels and mattress was also informed before the session so that we are fully prepared. Therapist was also very friendly & knowledgable. I felt relaxed and at ease throught the 5 days sessions. There were a couple of occasions whereby i had things on and had requested to change time of the massage, therapist was also kind enough to accomodate which was great as timing was very flexible!!! Will strongly reccomend AllTenTic Jamu to my friends and colleagues! Bravo to the team for the great service rendered! Cheers!
Christina, AnchorVale

Hi Rebecca,
It was a nice experience getting the Jamu massage from your therapist. She is very understanding and often ask me if the pressure is comfortable etc. I learn alot of tips from her too. I have to comment that absolutely no regret getting the jamu packages from you guys! Thanks alot
Rachel , Jurong West

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the wonderful service and especially to your therapist . I must say after the 5 sessions, especially with the aid of the jamu wrap, I can see my tummy has shrunk and that my weight has dropped.

The sessions helped me to relax. On top of that, my breasts were engorged but after the hot stone massage, which hurt slightly but definitely worth the pain, my breasts felt so much better and I managed to pump out my milk easier!

Even my hubby, sis n mom can tell the difference the wrap has done to my tummy. I’ll definitely recommend your services to my friends.
Desiree, Farrer Road

Hi Rebecca
The whole sessions were great and I really enjoy it. The therapist was good and not only that, she will try to communicate with me so that the session is not boring.
After a few sessions, my tummy had indeed became smaller and not that flabby.
Josephine, Cantonment

Hi, Rebecca
I can see the difference compared to from my massage engaged using a freelance in year 2007. Your therapist has done a good job and very experienced. I can see my tummy slim down tremendously, my colleagues visited me said I look like my before birth no difference heee.. this shows that I have managed to resumed to my shaped and size very fast this round.
Mary , telok Blangah

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for accomodating to my schedule despite my last minute booking. The therapist is very professional and provides useful advice on afterbirth diet. The 5 sessions have also helped to reduce the appearance of my tummy. I would definitely recommend AllTentic Jamu Massage to my friends

HengLeng, Yishun

Dear Rebecca

Sorry for the late reply…baby’s rather erratic these days so was trying to catch up on sleep..:)

My feedback:

The massage was something to look forward to after a tiring day. Initially, I was hesitant signing up for the massage as I recently had a caesarean. But, after 7 sessions with your therapist, there were no regrets as I could finally see my waistline again! Your therapist had also advised me to continue binding my tummy every night to regain its original size and yes, my tummy’s slowly getting back in shape. I had also gained a lot of invaluable advice and insight from her on how to reduce colic in baby with the correct massage technique. All in all, it was a pleasant and enjoyable massage experience with AllTenTic Jamu!

Esther, Kim Tian

Dear Rebecca,

Sorry for the delay, first and foremost, I would like to thank you for helping to arrange a 5-day post natal massage package for me despite my last minute booking just before my delivery in Jan2010, I really appreciated your kind understanding and all your follow up so as ensure that everything for my massage was on schedule.

The massages were invigorating as I felt less tired and lethargic after each session, my therapist, was very professional and punctual for each appointment. She also effectively helped to relieve my block ducts by massaging and the use of the hot stone so after each session, I experienced increase of expression of breastmilk as well.

My gynae actually remarked duing my last checkup being delivery that my tummy muscles were really overstretched (it was my second pregnancy and I often got passerbys on the street asking me if I was expecting twins during my last trimester). Thus, after delivery, it was to my dismay that my tummy looked like it was still 5 months pregnant, but thanks to the massages, my tummy slimmed down and even my confinement lady commented the massages helped me reduce my post delivery tummy more effectively. I’m still following your advice to continue binding with the bengkung after the massages, it takes some discipline on my part but I’m continuing trying.

When my 5 day massage package ended, I would love to have continued with more sessions but unfortunately for me, the massages are so popular that your therapists were all fully booked. I would definitely recommend your massage packages to my friends and if my hubby decides that we can try for a 3rd baby, I’ll call up to book my package way in advance next time 🙂
Many thanks again and all the best!
Sharon ,Punggol

Hi Rebecca,

First of all, I really want to thanks you and your team for the good services rendered. Thanks for the kind co-ordinate works to suit my start date and also the specific timing due to my time constraint. The massage was rather effective. I can see my tummy slimming down after the 2nd sessions even though i started my treatment one month after my caesarean delivery. I really appreciate the good service rendered by my therapist .She is very punctual on every visits and she will ensure that the pressure use on me is just what I want. She is not reserved to share with me tips on how to increase my milk flows; the food to eat and many others…Most importantly; she will not hesitate to do extra massage for me on my stiff neck and aching wrist. I truly enjoy every sessions I had with the therapist.
No regrets engaging AllTenTic Jamu Massage! Thanks!

Hi Rebecca,
Apologise for late reply, have been very busy lately…. with my 3 children.
While I am very pleased with ur company services, despite last minutes booking you are still able to slot me in your tight schedule. Would like to thank to Sarina who massage me throughtout 5 sessions. She is very friendly & helpful. After massage, I feel more relaxed & my tummy have indeed look smaller now. Thumb up…. Will introduce to friends & my niece in law
Christina, Ang Mo Kio

i think the service provided both by Rebecca and my therapist were great! so i think you should go for it! I contacted Rebecca about a month after delivering my twins. and she managed to slot me in about 2 weeks thereafter. Had to change start dates, and she kindly accommodated me.she was friendly, professional and always arrived promptly. The massage was very soothing and I felt asleep on many an occasion. It was nice to be able to have some ‘me’ time after the arrival of my babies. The binder took a little while to get used to, but for the sake of beauty and the encouragement from the therapist, I kept it on for the minimum number of 6 hours. But if you can go longer (or even sleep with it), please do. Due to my “hippiness” (I literally have childbearing hips), the therapist recommended that I continue to wear a binder after the 7 day massage session and she also suggested that I consider wearing a girdle too. So I got myself a girdle and I alternate it with the binder. I put on about 18kg during my pregnancy, and have lost 14kg thus far, and a large part I attribute to all the wrapping up. Anyway, this was definitely a good experience, and a nice wrap up to the end of pregnancy and the start of motherhood 🙂
Thanks much Rebecca and your therapist for a job well done and for providing service from the heart!
Laura, Clementi

My tensed muscles and knots feel untied and relieved. So relaxed that I often dozed off an even snored at every massage session. The hot stones really help to alleviate my morning engorgement! As I am able to sleep vey well at night, I feel more energized in the day. Many thanks to Alltentic Jamu Massage therapist for the calming and relaxing sessions and accomodating to my request for morning therapies.
Jin, Punggol

This is the first time I have used AllTentic Jamu Massage, and I totally regretted not engaging them for my first delivery. I took the 5-day package, and after these massages, I can really feel that my tummy has sunken in with the use of the hot stone and binder. In addition, the friendly therapist was always punctual and very acommodating to my timing, she is also very careful especially with my c-section delivery wound. Thank you so much for the wonderful and effective massages.

Will definitely recommend to my friends to use AllTenTicJamu Massage too!

Thank you.

Dearest Rebecca

I would like to give my compliments to you for providing such fantastic and excellent service from the day I chanced upon your website. You have been very patient and prompt in our communications from emails to smses on the products I am intending to purchase. What has impressed me most is your personal touch towards the way you have treated me like a friend rather than a “customer”.

Another compliment I like to give to your therapist. She takes great pride in her job and she is fully committed to give her best during the massage sessions. I was initially very skeptical to sign up your post natal package due to a bad experience from another massage lady in my previous pregnancy. However, Rebecca had reassured me that this time would be different and it was indeed relaxing at the first session. The massaging strokes and technique had suited to my body condition.

Thank you for the great service by you and the job done well by your therapist.
Christy, lengKong Tiga

Hi Rebecca

Thank you for your email and services.
I would like to say a huge thank you to you for my postnatal package. I have to confess to being a bit sceptical before I started as I wasn’t sure if there could really be that much difference – I already have had two children so thought my post natal tummy was here to stay. However, I have been amazed by the results- just 2 weeks after my delivery (baby no 3) I think my stomach is a better it ever was after my 2nd delivery when I didn’t have post natal massages. I highly recommend your company and your therapist – who came to my house and provided an excellent service- a wonderfully relaxing massage, sensitive to a new mums aches and pains and carries out the binding excellently and painlessly. I feel so much better!

Jo, sunset way

Dear Rebecca,
Thanks for the GOOD services provided… I really enjoyed the sessions very much. Am glad that I could see immediate effect after the 1st session. With the friendly and professional therapist, I felt extremely comfortable and relax throughout the sessions.
Thumb up for AllTentic Jamu Massage!
Best regards,
Jacqueline, Tampines

Hi Rebecca,

I have enjoyed the 7-day massage sessions.
Your therapist is professional and very skillful. The massage and wrap has effectively helped to reduce my waist by 5”, and the hot stone massage has also helped to clear the blocked duct. After the massage, the milk flow was better and there is an increase of milk supply as well. I will definitely recommend AllTentic Jamu Massage to my friends.
Claudine, Toa Payoh

Hi Rebecca,

I enjoyed my 5 sessions of post-natal massage. The therapist was great and punctual. Massage was wonderful and eventually i fall asleep. I hope to engage your service when i have my 2nd baby again. Thanks once again, my tummy has flatten and not that obvious.
Sharon , Choa Chu Kang

Hi rebecca

It has been great in helping me reduce the water retention and my friends who saw me during baby’s first month celebration were shocked to see that I didn’t have the usual puffiness and swollen feet like the rest of my post-natal friends. have recommended another friend to try out ur post-natal massage.
Juansa ,Tampines

Hi Rebecca

I have to commend greatly on your helpful service to arrange for me a very wonderful therapist during my extremely short stay in Singapore. Each treatment was professionally done and i felt so much better after the massage. You have shown great service level that is beyond what i had expected as it was by chance that i’ve found you over the internet.
Thumbs up for your professionalism !!

Best regards,
Winnie , Hong Kong

Hi Rebecca,
I enjoyed the services provided by both you and your massue.
She is very attentive and thoughtful. She has made me feel at ease during the massage. I can really see the difference of my tummy after the 5 days session, even my friends commented that my figure is back to the original shape. Oh, she’s very punctual also, this is important as my timing is very constraint. And she even sms me (a few days after my session completed) some tips on how to eat right inorder to get the breast milk flow smoothly.

Once again, thank you for your service and I will definitely recommend your massage to my friends.
Candy , Canberra

Hi Rebecca,
I enjoyed the massage from your therapist very much.She is very professional,friendly and always give me tips on how to take care of my baby.I took 10 days session and after the first session my tummy looks flatter,even my husband and mum told me I looks slimmer 🙂 Well done and thank you AllTeTicJamuMassage!
Janet ,Joo Chiat

Hi Rebecca,
She is a very personable therapist and she made me feel quite relaxed and comfortable at each session. She also gave me some helpful tips and advice on how to recover from my delivery and how to handle my newborn.
Overall, I’m satisfied with the service I got from the therapist, and from you, Rebecca. I appreciated your politeness and willingness to answer all my questions even before I committed to signing up for your package, and I am glad you made yourself readily available for further queries and concerns even after I had paid my deposit. Thanks for the services rendered!
Tina , Sunset way

Dear Rebecca,

I want to compliment AllTenTic Jamu Massage for arranging a very good Therapist, for me during the 10days session. My tummy was very big and after giving birth, my daughters asked if I am having another baby in my tummy. Thank god she did a fantastic job that my tummy has reduced tremendously. I hope it will flatten real soon 😛
In addition, from my experience, this is the first time that I’ve enjoyed a post natal massage and after massage, I feel refreshed and am able to be mobile fast. Even the binding is good that I am able to wear it for the whole night. AllTenTic Jamu Massage has made a big difference and I will recommend to my friends and relatives.

Apart from these, I was at ease when I spoke to you prior booking Alltentic Jamu Massage and thank you for the time and patience and assistance in clarifying my doubts. On the whole, I am very impressed with the level of service of AllTenTic Jamu Massage.
Wani, Woodlands

Dear Rebecca,
Yes I definitely have benefited from the service that your therapist has provided. She has solved alot of my breastfeeding problems and my tummy have slim down alot after just 10 sessions.
Thank you very much.
Joey , Canberra

Hi Rebecca
Just a short note to say that I enjoyed the post-natal Jamu Massage. The service from you and your massuese was very good, and the massage sessions were relaxing and beneficial. She used a variety of techniques, including hot stones, deep tissue and swedish style, to ease muscle tension and relieve wind pain and breast engorgement. The Jamu wrap was effective in firming the stomach.
Have a great Xmas and Happy New Year coming up.
Lydia , Australian ( Club St)

I’m very happy with the post natal massage service rendered by your therapist. She is very friendly and i love chatting with her during the massage sessions, advising me on useful tips about postpartum care and baby care. In fact, i felt so relax and good that i extended by 5 sessions to 10 sessions. The baby massage oil given together with the massage package is fantastic too. When combined with the baby massage taught, it effectively gets rid of excess wind in my baby’s tummy almost immediately. I’ve even bought an extra bottle of this baby oil from your therapist.
Thumbs up for Alltentic Jamu!
Best Regards,
Lily,Jurong East

Hi Rebecca
The services provided by your company has been one that’s professional, relaxing and effective. Many who’ve seen me commented on how fast I lost all that weight and bulk. The therapist did a good job and dutifully brought all the products I ordered though I kept on increasing the order day by day. She never complained, was not late and was helpful in answering my queries. If not for time constraint on my side, I would have continued the 10 day program. Perhaps when all’s settled, I shall engage your services again … The normal massage sessions this time.
All in all, thank you. I’m glad I found you.
Brenda , Park Vale

Hi Rebecca,

First of all, thanks for arranging the jamu massage sessions for me at such a late notice.
The massage therapist is very warm, friendly and professional. She was always on time and took care to ensure that I am able to do the binding and baby massage myself when the sessions are over. The massages were very relaxing and helped with the breastfeeding. Would definitely recommend your services to others.
Thank you!
Ashley, Jurong

Hi Rebecca,

I enjoyed the sessions very much. Thanks very much to my therapist, who has provided very valuable info on baby massage, better breastmilk flow and general massage during my sessions. I will recommend this service to anyone who is going for confinement.
Peck Lin, lavender

Hi Rebecca,
Sorry for the late reply.
The masseur was punctual, friendly and professional. The sessions were enjoyable and I even fell asleep during some sessions. haha. My tummy was quickly flatten and tighten. I can see a significant difference by the third session. Many people were surprised to know that I have just given birth. Even my husband commented that I don’t look like I have just gave birth.
Will definitely engage your service for my future pregnancies. haha.
Wendy , RiverVale

Hi Rebecca,
Your postnatal massage service was fantastic. I benefited greatly from it, particularly in regards to returning to my pre-pregnancy size. The reducing of my tummy & waist as a result of the binding was evident straight after the first session. The massages were relaxing & gave me a great opportunity to have some “me” time amidst the busyness of having a newborn! Your massage therapist was friendly & helpful & I felt very comfortable with her. I highly recommend your services to all expectant mums!
Joanne, woodlands

I really enjoyed my sessions done by your therapist. She is a really nice lady and makes you feel comfortable with the sessions and I have learnt alot from her. She helped me smoothen my milk flow and made breastfeeding a whole new experience for me.
Michelle Gondokusumo, Indonesian ,Hougang

Hi Rebecca,
The massage therapist was very friendly and offered many advise on how to care for my postpartum body and how to increase my milk supply. For all sessions, she always manage to fully relax me. I had my massage after a month because I delivered through cesearan. Even though after a month, my tummy still manage to become flatter and my waist went from 32 inch to 29 inch. A big thank you my massage therapist, and the team!
Sarah, Yishun

Hi Rebecca,
i have sign up for the 7 days package from Alltentic Jamu Massage & benefited from it. I feel relaxed and I am very satisfied with the therapist. She is very friendly.
I would like to compliment your massage therapist for her services. I had breast engorgement problem & after the massage my milk flow increase.
Wendy Wong, Bedok

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for recommending me to take up the Jamu Massage Sessions.
The sessions were indeed a relaxing affair. As a first time mum, I undergo daily stress in taking care of my baby.
Luckily, the tension, both mentally and physically were eased away everytime after i had done the massage session. Highly recommended to all to try it out!
Cindy Lim, Ang Mo Kio

Hi Rebecca,
Many thanks for introducing me to the AllTenTic jamu massage. I was not so sure at first because i am not certain if i could bear with the pain as i went thru c section. Your services is superb and i enjoyed it immensely each time during the sessions…I should have done this for my previous pregnancy!!! Anyhow, glad that i extend up the 10 sessions from you cos i am sure 5 sessions is definitely not enough!

Hi Rebecca

” I signed up a 7 day post-natal message with AllTenticJamuMassage and was impressed with the therapist’s professionalism and friendliness. Firstly, she is never late for the session. Always so punctual. Secondly, her massage is excellent. I felt very relax and calm during the whole session. After the end of a session, I simply couldn’t wait for the next one to come!
You & your customer service team were great too! Half way thru’ the sessions, they would ask for feedback and see how things were going. Excellent customer service! Overall, I only have one thing to say : Thumbs up for AllTenTicJamuMassage!”
Sarah, Pine Close

I am very satisfied with the therapist. She is very friendly. She even suggests that we could sms her if we forget the steps for the baby massage, and this is beyond what is required of her.
Thank you, Rebecca.
Cynthia, Jurong

HI Rebecca-

I absolutely enjoyed my experience. Your therapist was wonderful. She was encouraging and extremely knowledgeable about holistic medicine. She helped with my initial engorgement as well as my lower back pain. This was my third pregnancy, but I was a little wary at first since it was my first time with jamu massage and binding. I don’t think they have this in the USA.

I have to say, out of all my pregnancies, I bounced back faster because of Jamu Massage. Even my husband remarked that my weight loss as well as skin tone around the tummy recovered faster this time around than with my previous two pregnancies. I would highly recommend this service.
Thanks, Sabina
(Seattle, Washington – now living in Singapore)

Your therapist is the gentlest and most encouraging masseus I’ve ever had. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to health and beauty and each time she visits me, she never fail to give me a tip or two on health, beauty and family life. She was professional yet at the same time personal.
She is also very skillful in her trade. I was having an annoying headache which won’t go away even after taking panadol. So during one of her sessions, she magically massaged the headache away. I was truly impressed.
Overall,it has been a most pleasant encounter.
Best Regards
Bee Bee ,Chinatown

Hi Rebecca,
She is a qualified therapist and I enjoyed the massage. She is also very punctual and did give some good advices. I’m very pleased with the rest of the service as mine is a last minute arrangement and also thanks for my special accomodation.
Samantha, Sembawang

Hi Rebecca,
It was a friend who recommend me to Alltentic Jamu Massage after she engaged your service. Your therapist was friendly and professional during the sessions. She answered all my doubts on slimming and lactation issues. My waist was smaller after the third session. I have to say it was a good $400 spent!!
Berlinda ,Woodlands

Hi Rebecca,
I am glad that i engaged the 10 days post-natal serivce with you. Your service is very very professional, the therapist is punctual and experience. She helped me with my aches and she will pay more attention to the problem areas. I enjoyed myself throughout the 10 sessions with her. I slim down alot especially the tummy part, definitely recommended to all new mums and friends. Thanks for the great job, keep it up.
Fina, Sembawang

“The sessions so far are good and enjoyable. Your therapist is skillful and knowledgeable. She offered a lot of advice on confinement and postnatal diet that I, a 3rd time mother, still find useful. The hot stone treatment is surprisingly effective in clearing milk ducts (I had more milk after the hot stone treatment) and relieving aches. In addition, I liked the custom made binder much more than the 9-10m cloth used by my previous 2 postnatal masseuse. It is so much easier to put on and take off. My mother complimented that my tummy is much flatter after the 3rd session. This was unlike my previous pregnancies when I still looked like 5 months pregnant after confinement. I would recommend this service to mothers, even though it is pricier than the service from some masseuse out there because the quality of service is good. Compared to my previous 2 experiences with other postnatal massause, I personally find that your binding is more effective in reducing tummy size.”
Mrs Wong , West Coast

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and even managed to have great conversation with the therapist. I certainly have lost weight and the stomach is nearly gone
Xu ,Jalan HC

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for accommodating to my request for postponement of my post-natal massage due to my c-sec. I have just completed the 7-day massage by your therapist and was very much impressed by her skills, knowledge and service. Not only was she experienced, she was generous in sharing her insights to babycare, nutrition, parenthood and related matters. It is such a joy to be in touch with someone so passionate about her job. I must say that i am glad to have signed up this package from your company. From the first impression on the website to phone bookings and the massage, the service and follow-up work has been great. May i wish you and staff all the very best.
Gee , Bedok

Hi Rebecca,
I signed up for the 7 session post-natal massage and it was a pleasant experience. Not only did the massage help to keep off the wind in my stomach, i see my tummy getting smaller after every session. I don’t have engorgement problems but the hot stone compress helps to relieve and makes pumping easier. I also learnt of what to eat and food to avoid during my confinement. Thanks for the good job.

Hi rebecca,

I had wonderful experience with your therapist. I had very bad strain on my back due to constant carrying of my baby and after the massage i feel so much better. For my 1st & 2nd pregnancy, i did not do any postnatal massage and my tummy was still very big for the 1st two months after delivery. Although i started my session 3 weeks after my Caesarean, i can see that my tummy and thighs had reduced significantly after the 10 days sessions. Your ginger cream and binding really works. My family members and even my daughter’s teacher also commented that i have slim down a lot. She also gave me many advices how to take care of my body. I highly recommend AllTenTic Jamu Massage for their tip top service to all mums-to-be.
Thanks again.
Josephine Lim, Jurong

Hi Rebecca
I would like to compliment your massage therapist for her services. I had breast engorgement problem in the inital days of my post delivery and had visited the hospital for assistance. My massage therapist came 1 day later and helped massage my breasts allowing its milk flow to be even smoother than before. In addition, my stomach had also become significantly smaller after 2 sessions. She had also helped to relax my tense muscles and nerves during each massage session.
Thank you Alltentic Jamu Massage.
Vivien, Admiratly

Hi Rebecca,
I have enjoyed and benefited from the massage services very much. She is very friendly and easy going. She helped to massage the block duct though i don’t have serious engorgement problem. She also provide some breastfeeding and slimming tips to me. Overall i enjoyed the experience and will recommend the massage service to my friends.
Shu, Tanah Merah
Hi Rebecca

Really enjoyed the 10 sessions of post natal massage that i signed up with you. Was personally touched by your service – sincere and reliable. Your massuese is very experienced and helped me out with my aches and releasing my milk ducts. She was also very kind and encouraging as she gave me lots of advice. In fact, i like both your services so much that i took up another 10 sessions of body massage with you. Both my mother and mother-in-law were also very impressed and enjoyed your services. They felt their bodies being losen up after your massage. :o)

Hi Rebecca,
I enjoyed my sessions with AllTenTic Jamu tremendously. She helped to relieve my engorgement and the massage was very relaxing. My only regret is that I did not sign on for more sessions cos my tummy is still a bit flabby, which I supposed more binding sessions would help.
Hung Mui, Cedar Ave

Hi Rebecca
The 7 massage sessions I signed up for a week after giving birth to my daughter were very much needed. The therapist massaged away tired muscles in my neck, shoulders and back caused by breastfeeding and generally made my tired body feel revived. The binding worked wonders and I noticed the difference straight away. It has helped my belly go back a lot quicker then it would have otherwise. I would totally recommend this treatment and think it is an essential for any woman who gives birth.
Melisa White, Australia

Hi Rebecca,
As this was my last pregnancy, I decided to source for a reliable post-natal massage. After doing several research through the Internet, I had decided to engage your massage service &never regretted my decision ever since. The therapist was very helpful & friendly throughout the service. I felt very comfortable & relax with her throughout the massage sessions & did not feel any pain even though I had caesarean birth. I will definately recommend your service to my friends & relatives. THUMBS UP FOR AllTentTic JAMU MASSAGE!
Best Regards,
Amie, Anchorvale

Hi rebecca,
Sorry for the late reply. Really busy with the new baby. I really enjoy the seven sessions with your therapist. She is very caring and friendly lady. She has been very punctual on all the sessions.
Hope to engage the service again.
Thank you very much!

Hi Rebecca,
thanks very much for your company’s services. I enjoyed the post-natal massage very much. She was very experienced and made me totally relaxed. It was fun chatting with her! I will be sure to recommend your company to any of my friends who are pregnant!Mrs. Vera Ang , hillview

Hi Rebecca,
Glad that i have engaged your company for this serivce. You all are very accommodating especially when my rash develop (not because of your product but due to the hot weather). My therapist is very nice and she tries her best to make my sessions in the morning due to my resquest… She has also taught me alot of stuff and she is very approachable and friendly. I felt rather relax after each massage..

Once again, thanks for arrangement made and also you have made my confinement more enjoyable.Regards
Jac, sembawang

Your sessions feels wonderful. She gave me lots of advices on managing my little girl. I liked her strokes which really puts me to dream land. i had mild postnatal depression as i was reallly stressed taking care of my girl. Thanks for her encouragements throughout the sessions, i am better now.
Stephanie , Thomson

Hi Rebecca,
This is my 3rd confinement and your therapist is the best one I have so far encountered – reliable, punctual, friendly, accomodating, and skilled. I really enjoyed the 7 sessions
Thanks again,
Alice ,Woodlands

Hi Rebecca,
I enjoyed the 7 sessions of post-natal massage with the massuese. She taught me how to massage my breasts & baby girl. Beside that, I really happy because my tummy is smaller after the sessions 🙂 I will recommend your services to any of my friends or colleagues who are pregnant.
Crystal , Woodlands

Hi Rebecca,
I had an enjoyable experience for a 7 day package. She has excellent working ethics i.e will call/ text me is any changes to our appointment or if she is going to be late.I enjoyed her massages ver much . Her strokes are strong yet relaxing. Beside imparting me with the skills on how to tie the binder facing the mirror, she has also taught me on how to massage my baby. It has been a pleasant experiences for me and i will definately recommend Alltentic Jamu to my sister and sister in law who will be due in Jan/ Feb 2010.
Jennifer, Tampines

Hi Rebecca,
I like to compliment your therapist for friendliness and professionalism. She is always punctual and taught me many tips, especially how to handle my colicky baby. I am glad your sessions include helping me to clear my block ducts so that I can breastfeed my baby fully. Thanks
Claudin, Pasir Ris

Hi Rebecca
Service provided by your therapist is excellent. She’s a very friendly lady and is very accomodative to my request in terms of timing of the sessions. During each session, she also pays special attention to my areas of concerns such as which area i would like her to concentrate the massage on, doubts on breast massage and how to increase milk flow. Her skills are superb too. I enjoyed myself throughout the 10 sessions with her. And i have also managed to slim down quite a fair bit with her massage. The most obvious part is my tummy.
Best Regards
Sharon , Jurong

Hi Rebecca,
I am glad that I took up the 7 day post natal sessions with AllTentic Jamu Massage. I was very reluctant at first but after much recommendation from my sister in law who tried your service, I decided to try. I am very pleased as your massage really helps me relax and relieve my backache. I am really surprise to see my tummy was smaller after the sessions as I put on quite a fair bit of weight during pregnancy. I am almost back to my pre-preg figure now. Thanks .
Siew Keng, Holland

I am a new mother. I had bad breast engorgements that no matter how I massage with hot towel, the lumps are still there. I even went to a lactation consultant but the problem still persists. My friend recommend me to try AllTentic Jamu Massage as she tried before your service. She did a good job by using the hot stone compress. Very effective and I feel very relief after the massage. I am glad that I engage your service as I almost feel like giving up breastfeeding. Thanks for all the tips and advice. Definitely recommend you guys to my friends…
Susan Lai, Marine Parade

Hi Rebecca,
I engaged a Chinese masseuse initially but she is uncontactable after I delivered. I like to thank you so much for arranging a last minute booking for me. Your staff is very professional and responsible. She is punctual and do not take phone calls during the sessions. I really enjoyed the sessions as I am handling my newborn alone and it is really tiring. Your sessions make me feel more energetic and less tense. Good Job!Su Ling , Jurong

I engaged AllTenTic Jamu Massage after my C-sect. Was suppose to have naturally delivery but ended up with C-sect. I was quite sad as I had to wait as least 3 weeks to start my massage. I put on 20 kg in my pregnancy and had very bad water retention. After the 7 sessions, my tummy is not so bloated and my water retention especially around my legs was reduced. I am very happy with the result of the massage and binding. She gave me advice after my sessions, to continue to tie the binder and teach me other way to slim my tummy. I like that she gave me tips on how to massage my baby and advice on breastfeeding. Definitely recommended to all new mums.
Sharon, Choa Chu Kang

Hi Rebecca,
Like to give my feedback that I enjoyed your service with Alltentic Jamu. I did not have good experience with the post natal massage during my 1st pregnancy even though the rates were cheaper. The ex masseuse keep postponing the sessions and did not even use a binder. I am very pleased that the massage sessions were very relaxing and she helped me with my milk supply. I learnt a lot from her , what to eat to increase milk supply and how to clear block ducts using the hot stone. My mother and sister also compliment your normal massages at their homes.Tks
Jamie, SengKang

Hi Rebecca,

I enjoyed the massages very much. I had pretty bad water retention in my legs and fingers previously. After the first massage session, the water retention problem in my legs and fingers significantly improved. After the 2nd or 3rd session, my water retention problem seemed to have been completely resolved. My tummy also became smaller after the jamu wrap.Thanks again for the wonderful service.
Best regards,
Lie Ying, Hougang

Hi Rebecca,
A big ‘Thank You’ to you & your staff. Your post natal massage was definitely better back home in Australia. After 10 sessions, my tummy was very much tighter after your massage and binding. Thanks for helping to clear the blocked ducts. It was such a relief ! Your wonderful tips and advices were indeed helpful. Definitely recommend your services to all my fellow friends.
Judy, Australia

Thank you for your massages during my confinement. Your massage feels very comfortable. I always look forward for the sessions as I can only catch some sleep during the massage. Tks
Doris, woodlands

She is very good during the massage. She explains why I feel pain at certain parts of my body and try to relieve it. She is a qualified therapist and her mother is also a post natal masseuse previously. She helped to clear my block ducts and help me to establish milk supply. My baby cry many times during my sessions and she taught me how to massage my baby to calm him. She is a very friendly and patient lady. I am still engaging her to do normal massage session at my home.
Jennifer See, East Coast

Thanks to your therapist for your advice & tips on breastfeeding,,, very handy for mum like me. Really enjoy your massage too, my tummy is smaller after the sessions and i take your advice to bind everyday. i am glad that it is almost back to pre-preg size after 2 months.
Penny, jurong

Thanks for the session. Was quite scare of massage as i had C Sect and don’t know whether effective or not. The massage auntie was very professional and experienced that i enjoy the sessions. After the sessions, the aching pains on my back & joints feels more relieved and my water rentention and wind in my tummy is reduced. Am glad that i engage your services.
Hazel, West Coast

The post-natal massages are extremely relaxing and a welcomed treat to the mommy who has just delivered and attends to the demanding task of taking care of a newborn. I urge all mothers-to-be to book the feel-good massages to pamper yourself. –
Sylvia Lim, Bukit Batok

Hi rebecca,
Your massuse is very good and helpful. It feels nice to have her massage. I wish i can have more session. She is very professional too. Good Job!

Kelly, Bt Panjang

Hi rebecca,
I feel relaxed after the post natal massage and it really helps to unknot my aches especially my lower back.
Lay See, Yishun

The 5 days are a wonderful experience. Your therapist is very helpful with my lactation problem and give advice for me 1st time mum. Thanks again for arranging her to start for my last min booking.
Mandy, RedHill

for my post natal massage..i also enjoyed least it was not as painful as my previous one. she is so friendly and kind that she really help me alot on breastfeeding (each time after massage i can express more milk) and also how to massage my baby. my elder one loves the massage. the therapist was experienced, friendly and kind. She is very punctual as well even though my session was at 830am. She even take the extra mile to msg me at night to tell me how to deal with my baby bloated stomach . Overall, i would say it’s a good experience. for the normal massage, my MIL really enjoyed it..and it helped her to relax and able to sleep well for a few days.. In future, if time allows my MIL is very interested to engage your service again for the normal massage. Great job! keep it up!
Eleanor, Punggol

Hi Rebecca, the post natal sessions were great compared to my previous therapists. look foward to the normal massage

Hi Rebecca Really enjoyed all the massage sessions! The massage auntie had been very helpful in relieving my joint pains and providing useful babycare tips. You had also been prompt in answering my queries and accomodating to my schedule. Will definitely recommend your services to anyone who is interested! Cheers

Daphne, Punggol

Hi Rebecca
The sessions is good and the therapist is really helpful in every way and without fail, to help relax me after each session of massage
Edith, Simei

Hi there,The 20 sessions with your staff were great. She is a very experienced &knowledgeable lady, had learnt lots of tips & advices from her. Your massage service is really very comprehensive for a new mum compared to many places i had enquired. Esp loves the hot stone compress of the breasts to stimulate milk flow & to help in engorgement. The baby massage sequences were really helpful as well. Full body massage with hot stone compress really soothes the aches away.. Lovely Job!
Amanda, London

The massage was fantastic. She is very professional and helpful. The use of hot stone was very good as it helps me clear my water retention areas. The sessions were relaxing and I enjoyed them very much
Janice, Jalan kathi

Thanks for your services that help me a lot, therapist have taught me how to massage breasts and baby, hot stone help me to release back pain, my mum also satisfied the body massage.
Mandy, Taiwan

Hi Rebecca,I had a very pleasant time during my 10 days of post natal massage. She had provided valuable information on how to increase milk production, and what food to avoid / consume to ensure that we have a healthy baby especially since I’m breast feeding. She has a very positive aura, and has given me lots of encouragement in adapting to my new role as a mummy. Thank you very much for all the help rendered. Will definitely recommend AllTenTic Jamu to all future mothers to be.Thank you and Best Regards
Drusilla Kng, Marine Parade

Hi Rebecca,
I have completed the 7 sessions and would like to say that i made the right choice in taking up your postnatal massage. Your therapist’s skill is very good and i enjoyed each and every session. Really glad that i went ahead and give AllTentic Jamu a try.
Lydia ,Woodlands

Hi rebecca,I would like to compliment your massage lady for her excellent service. I enjoyed her massage and I liked the way she did the binding for me. It helped to flatten my flabby tummy. She was very professional
Thank you
Regards,Kailing ,Woodlands

Hi Rebecca,
The massage was good. I appreciate you being able to help me find a therapist at such short notice too, I am happy with the services rendered and would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone i know looking for post natal massage.
wee nee , Tampines

Hi Rebecca,
Your therapist service was great, very friendly and personal. Thank you.
Limin , Pasir Panjang

Hi Rebecca,
Yes I have enjoyed the Jamu massage.
Helps alot especially on the engorgement.
Lina , redhill

Hi Rebecca,
I am very satisfied with the massage. The therapist is great & very helpful. She gives me a lot of breastfeeding tips &even help me to get jamu capsules that can help to boost milk supply. And most importantly, she is very punctual..:)
Ling Ling , Bukit Batok


The massage was very good, very relaxing. The lady also shared a lot of useful tips and info regarding good health and lifestyle which i really appreciate. The experience with the binder is much better than the traditional one. However, it is still a challenge to wear it for long hours, not because of my skin reaction (very minimal itch) but in terms of movement, can’t sit down properly, esp during breastfeeding. It is always tempting to remove it to make myself more comfortable.
The shower gel is very refreshing, i enjoy using it.
Best Regards
aiteng , Hazel Park

Hi Rebecca
Thank you for your concern. I am very happy with your service provided. I will definitely recommend your therapist to my other friends. She is very patient and nice lady. I wish you and your company with great success always.
Tina , Bedok

Hi Rebecca,
so sorry for the delay. super busy with 2 babies.
yes enjoyed the massages lots. The masseuse is very skillful and friendly. I told her about my aching ankles and she is able to ease the pain within 1 session. she even taught me how to relieve the pain if it comes back. really appreciate her service. will definitely recommend to my friends.
valerie ,Serangoon

Hi rebecca,
The massage is great, I feel very relaxed after each massage. The massage lady is very experience. I really enjoyed it, it release my aching body. I definitely recommend AllTenTic to my friend if they ask for any post natal massage:)
SiewLei , Woodlands

Hi Rebecca,
I’m pleased to have engage AllTentic ‘s service. The therapist is very helpful in answering my doubts and also thanks for accomodating me for the last session when my dear daughter was hospitalized. Thank you and will recommend to my friends after they give birth.
Catherlyn , Tampines

“I really enjoyed the Postnatal Massage, it was relaxing and it helped me to “destress” – from taking care of my new baby. . . that 1 hour of massage really did a wonder. Thanks for sending your therapist, she was meticulous in handling all my problem areas, and she did a lot of sharing with me.”
June, geylang

Hi Rebecca

Thank you for your service.
I enjoy your services and lose quite a bit of weight by the 7th day.
Best regards
Irene Goh, punggol

HI Rebecca,
The therapist is very good, Beside her excellent skills, she is also very pleasant and friendly. I really enjoyed her massage and i am glad that i am able to extend my sessions.
Coco, Bedok

the massage is great, really enjoyed it very much. My friends commented that I slim down so fast.
Joyce, Strathmore

The massage was great. The therapist really helped with my blocked ducts. My tummy also reduced after the session. The massage was relaxing the overall experience was really great.
Cindy, Yishun

Hi Rebecca,
I had enjoyed the massage sessions with your therapist. She is friendly and her massage is good and relaxing. Overall I enjoyed my massage and thanks for arranging everything in such short notice.
Jasmine, senja road

Hi Rebecca
The massage was very good and I really enjoyed it. she did a good job.
Thank you so much.
Best Regards
Vani, SengKang

hi rebecca,
have enjoyed the services. The therapist was good. the communication between us was great as she will recommand and give me advise on baby massage and how to take care of baby and increase milk flow etc etc.
hwei min, Rivervale

I like the experience when the therapist relieve my backache which makes me relaxed during the session. My mum noticed that my tummy has reduced a little. I enjoyed every session. Thanks
Stella Huin , woodlands

hi rebecca ,
I looked 5mths preg after birth, at least now i am able to see my toes when i stand after the 7 sessions.
i like the breast massage as it helped me to clear my blocked ducts. overall, massage was pretty good.
Pauline , Hougang

Hi Rebecca,
The massage was very comfortable through out. I really enjoyed it and I even fell asleep at one point. I would love to sign up for more sessions if I can afford them. the binding it helps in getting my posture back and my back is not as aching as before. =) I would also recommend to my friends in future.
Yours Sincerely,
Janice Lim, Jurong

Hi Rebecca,
I had enjoyed the massage service provided by your staff during my confinement.The service was professional. The massage routine was performed systematically. Your staff was warm and attentive to my requests. She was very considerate and flexible when I requested for change in appontment schedule.
Thank you.
Siew Chuen, Strathmore

Hi Rebecca
The service has been commendable. Thanks so much for accommodating my needs. Therapist is friendly and helpful during the course of my treatment. The massage definitely soothes my body aches that has been around for months!
Evonne, Choa Chu Kang

Hi Rebecca,

I had enjoyed the 5-day post-natal massage tremendously. For a new mummy, the massage had helped to rejuvenate and better handle the stress and chaos that come with having a baby in the house.

I have to thank your therapist for being accommodating to my preferences and requests.

Adeline Cheung, Lor Salangat

Hi Rebecca,
I truly enjoyed the sessions with zue. Believed it did helped to clear upland water retention and blocked ducts issues much quicker than I had anticipated. will certainly be passing on my recommendation if your services to my friends.
Cheers, and happy new year,
Kelly, Jervois

Hi Rebecca

I have anticipated the 7-days sessions since I have booked few months back and I had not been disappointed :)The massages have helped to relieve my lower back pain and tight calves which I still experienced after childbirth.
The therapist had helped to unblock most of the blocked ducts and my milk supply had since improved. I observed that my tummy has gone from 5-months big to 3-months after the sessions, my husband said it was money well-spent 😀

Soke Leng, Jalan Membina

Hi Rebecca,
Everything went perfect. My therapist was good and also professional. I’m also grateful for her ability to be flexible with her timing when I needed it.
Thanks and will definitely recommend to my friends.
Gina , Swiss View

Hi Rebecca

Thanks for your service and I had seen improvement especially my tummy area compared to my previous pregnancy which took longer weeks to lose those flabby tummy. And thru’ out the period, I really like the hot stone method which forces out the blood clot. I will recommend to my friends when they in need of your service.

Belinda, Pasir Ris

Hi Rebecca,
I loved the Massage! The massage pressure is right n it was so relaxing that I found myself struggling to stay awake. I have to specially mention her breast massage – it actually doubled my milk flow every time I express after her massage. In addition, when I casually mention that my legs were swelling after delivery, she offered to do some acupuncture pressing. I started to pee a lot and the swelling went down the next day! Boy, I was impressed with her service. To enhance her service, she also helped to soothe my aching neck and shoulder. Very professional! I also consulted her on breast feeding and care during confinement, she gave the utmost practical n precious advice. She has given so much more value added service than her masseur role.
I would recommend her service to all
Lavon, Rosewood

Hi there!

Enjoyed the massage service with AllTentic jamu. The masseur is experienced and gave valuable tips on how to get back in shape. Masseur is very punctual and always polite and friendly.
Overall a comfortable experience with reliable service!
Joy, Serangoon

Hi Rebecca,
The massage was really helpful for me to regain back my tummy before I m pregnant. When I return back to office, my colleague was so surprise to see me back to shape. Will definitely recommend my friends and colleagues to take up the massage if they are looking for one.
Jolin Tan, Telok kurau

Hi Rebecca,

I’ve enjoyed the full body massage. It was a very relaxing experience. The hot stone, herbs and wrap helped to reduce the size of my tummy significantly.
Thanks! Best Regards,
Xiaosi, Punggol

AllTenTic Jamu Massage has helped to ease my aching back and shoulders from nursing my daughter. the massage is very soothing, targeting all the areas which a post natal mother needs. It helped me to lose 1” off my waist and tightened my skin at the tummy area. The massage also helped to expel wind in my stomach and also ease my constipation problem. The water retention in my legs has also improved, will pass my good words around to my friends who are giving birth… Thanks a lot, Rebecca.
Zenia, Jurong

Hi Rebecca
I truly enjoyed the sessions with shelia. She is very professional and skillful with her massage. She gives good advice too. After the binding sessions, I managed to reduce 5cm and my friends did feedback that I slim down too. The ginger cream is wonderful. Very warm and soothing feeling.
Thanks so much that you are able to accommodate to my busy schedule.
Noreen , Yishun

hi rebecca,

the service provided far surrpasses my expectations. Therapist is patient, skilfull and knowledgeable. Pressure appiled is just nice. Most imptly, prices are reasonable and it is a home service.
Sharon H , Tampines

Hi Rebecca,
Really appreciate your therapist Sharifah , made me feel very comfortable as space constrain in my room for the massage session. Your therapist was accommodating to work within the allocated space and still able to provide a relaxing massage.
Your therapist did a great job massaging my body and using the hot stone compress. Helps me reduced my body aches tremendously after every session. After using the binder, my stomach went down a few inches.
Kudos to AllTentic Jamu massage!!

Warmest Regards,
Vicky Chua, Teban garden

Hi Rebecca,
I loved the massage done by Malay Masseuse, She is great! I look forward to every massage session. Sarinah always come 5-10mins earlier than the appointed time. After my 2nd session, i tried wearing my shorts and to my surprise, i am able to fit in them! Never thought i am able to wear those shorts again! The Jamu massage and binder works! Thanks!

Will definitely introduce AllTentic Jamu Massage to my friends who needs the Post Natal Massage after their delivery.

Sarina ,Tampines

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for arranging the massage in time and a great therapist.
I love the massage and Rozina is very professional. She relieved my back aches & engorgement in my breasts with the hot stone. It does help to stimulate my breast milk flow too. Overall, I had a very relaxing experience. I would definitely recommend AllTenTic Jamu to my friends 🙂
Nelly, Kovan
Hi Rebecca,

Yes, I definitely enjoyed all my 10 sessions of the post natal massage with your therapist . I do not have any pictures of my tummy after birth so I can’t do the before and after look. =) In fact, I did see a lot of changes after the 2nd session itself and my tummy went down even more after the last session. Pretty Impressed. I enjoyed the whole massage process and I really really like the use of the Hot Stone. The Hot Stone along with massaging my breasts really helped to ease my engorgement problem. Apart from the massage, I’d like to say a big thank you to the therapist who was always very punctual for all the sessions. Her friendliness and smiley face really made me feel very at ease during the massages. Overall, I give a Thumbs up and if I were to have a 3rd kid in the future, I’d remember to turn to Alltentic jamu Massage again.

Thanks Rebecca
Jorita, Compassvale

“The massage was relaxing and I especially like the hot stone compress on my breast which helped to clear my block ducts. My breast became very soft, which I never felt before and milk comes easily when I breastfeed. The binder also made my tummy smaller in just a few days. ”

Peishan, Tanglin Halt

Dear Rebecca,
Thanks for giving me the confidence back in engaging post natal massage after giving birth to my second child. As my experience of my first post natal massage was terrible, I told myself I will not do any more massage the second time round. It was your online testimonials that convinced me to give Origin Jamu Massage a try and thus I engaged for a 10 days Jamu post natal massage. I already could see the result of a firmer and smaller tummy after 3 sessions. It was almost back to pre pregnancy size! the therapist was very patient, punctual and even worked on the problem areas like shoulder and lower back pain when I asked her to. The hot stone application also helped to relieve my breast engorgement and my milk flowed better after that. Every night, I could sleep better despite having to wake up numerous time to breast feed my son. As for the service, I was very touched by the understanding and grace rendered to me when I had to cancel and change my last few sessions numerous times due to having to send my son to hospital and clinic for jaundice check. Rebecca help me to arrange another possible time without forfeiting my sessions. They even msg me to check on the condition of my son and even give advices, support and assurance to me. Apology for not able to take before and after pic of my tummy but rest assured, it really works!
I will strongly recommend AllTentic Jamu Massage to anyone out there who are still sourcing for a reliable and effective post natal service. If I were to have a third child, will not hesitate to engage Alltentic Jamu Massage again!
Stephanie, Choa Chu Kang

This is my third delivery n I did not have any massage for the first 2 deliveries. After the massage, I felt that the tummy was significantly smaller compared to the 1st 2. Although my tummy got smaller after the 2 deliveries, I felt that with the massage, it would be faster to regain back.

God bless!
Diane, Tampines

Hi Rebecca,

Have feedback to Hazel via sms that the massage was very good and enjoyable. My therapist is also a very good masseau and really made the body aches go away with her magical touch. After 10 sessions of wraps, my tummy is indeed much flatter. Have referred your services to a couple of pregnant friends already.

Sue Lin, Jurong

Hi Rebecca,
The therapist is good, friendly and accomodative. Hazel is also very helpful and prompt.
The post natal massage is good and effective. I love the lemongrass shower gels as well. Overall I am very statisfied with the product and services provided.
I will definately look back to engage AllTenTic Jamu massages in future.
Thank you too as well Rebecca!
Serene Tan, Yishun

Hi Rebecca,

Every session of the massage was great and I really enjoy it. The therapist was good and very friendly. I like the hot stone compression alot and it helps to clear the milk ducts. After every session, my aches and pain will be gone.
I will definitely engaged your service again and will recommend AllTentic to my friends.

Warmest Regards,
Joanna Lin, Sembawang

Hi Rebecca,
Sorry for this late reply. Here’s my testimony.
Enjoyed the services from AllTenTic Jamu Massage. My therapist is patient and very accommodating in trying to fit into my schedule. Her massage is relaxing and helped relieve the stress of a new mother. Thank you.
Jasmine, Loyang

Hi Rebecca
Thank you for the postnatal massage that your company had provided for me. The masseur is very punctual and had helped me to change my appointment whenever I could not make it. She did not complain even I had to change my appointment at the last minute. Yati will chat with me throughout the massage to make me relax. The jamu wrap had helped me to reduce my tummy. I will use your company again for my next birth and will recommend to friends too!

Rachel Ong, Punggol

Hi rebecca, have completed my 7 day package . She must be complemented for her friendliness and patience. She arrived exactly on time and was helpful in easing my engorgement problems. Of course you have also been very accommodating to my requests. Thank you very much!
Ann, TPY

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you! The Jamu massage is truly effective, my post-natal tummy is smaller within the 14 days massage. The masseur is experienced with good pressure points massage, always courteous and helpful. I’ll definitely return for normal massage sessions.
Theora, Bukit Merah

Hi Rebecca,

I am extremely satisfied with your services.

I delivered thru C-Section and wasnt able to finalised the dates. Despite all these, your coordinator continued to follow up with me through SMS. Unlike other companies, who would wait for the customers to call them up since the customer would be at the losing end as they have either paid in partial or full. I am quite impressed at the follow up provided. On another episode, when I inform that I need to start my session ASAP as I have to return to work, she was very nice and managed to arrange a massage therapist despite the short timeline.

My message with your therapist has been excellent. She was friendly and helpful throughout the sessions. Unlike other massage therapists, she would do the following
1. inform me which area she would be going to start so that i am prepared
2. explain to me the oil, rock and stuffs (on forehead &tummy) she is going to put on me, the purpose, it’s benefits and by when can remove
3. confirm the next session timing before she left
4. ask for my feedback if the pressure is ok to make sure i dun feel too light nor too hard
5. offer advices when i told her about my baby’s colic
6. upon the next session, ask if i felt my tummy has become smaller, if i felt better (health) after the session

She’s really great and I am so thankful that you have arranged her to do my sessions.

My tummy has becomer smaller after the sessions with her massage and the jamu.
I felt better after every sessions, no bodyache, more relax and alert. These are very important to me because taking care of my 2 yr old and the new born has tired out both my physical body and my mental mind. And with the massage, I was able to regain both at the same time. These have definitely prepared me to go back to work.

I would strongly recommend AlltenTic Jamu Massage to my friends and relatives who are interested in getting post-natal massage.

Bing Jin, AMK

Hi Rebecca,

I had a great experience with AllTentic Jamu massage – in fact my tummy slimmed down within 3 days of postnatal massage . Not only did it helped to rid the wind and water retention, the massage was deeply relaxing. Many thanks!!

Shiao Yan, Serangoon

Hi Rebecca,

Here’s my review of the services provided by your therapist. I must say that therapist did a good job in the postnatal massage for me. The technique she used was comfortable and her strength was just the right pressure on my body. The massage sessions were long awaited after a ten month pregnancy and they indeed served their purposes in helping my body rejuvenate, relax and recover. I can say that the sessions really helped in getting rid of ‘wind’ in my body and despite me currently still doing my confinement, I can fit into my old jeans without much effort. I noticed that the lactation massage did actually helped to enhance milk flow too. All in all, I would recommend origins massage to my friends and relatives who need the service.
Crystal , marbatan

Dear Rebecca,

This is the 2nd time I engage your service and I really want to say a BIG Thank You to you and your therapist. Before the last session of the massage I already can fit into my jeans! After every session of the massage, I feel really good and relax. As you know, new baby is always much more difficult to handle thus, the massage actually makes me feel good and have the energy to wake up in the middle of the night to care for my new born. Once again, thank you very much! God Bless….

Yours Sincerely,
Sherria Ang, punggol

Dear Rebecca,

I would like thank you for the great service you have provided to me. Even though my massage session havent start you have already given great help n moral support with my breast engorgement not to give up with breastfeeding.:) thank u so much for being from a service provider to a GREAT friend although I havent meet u in person. I enjoyed my massage session fr the whole 7days with your therapist ! She was great with her massage techniques and making me feel safe n comfortable as i had a Csec and was so afraid of being massage near tummy area. She did great job! Wanna thank her for that. Thanks to your theraist and you rebecca from the bottom of my heart for rescuing me with the breast engorgement massage and she did a great job unblocking the blocked ducts and milk flow was much much more better! I could get 250ml for just one side! compared to before massage i could only pump out approx 40ml only!

I didnt take pictures but i measured! My waist was before 36″ and went down to 34″ and my hips was 38″ went down 36″ ! My tummy shrinked and i could wear S size again! I was wearing M before preg and during preg L size. I was amazed i Could fit in S! Flatter tummy is so what i want!
Will engage your service in future and recommend to friends. Thks alot. Cheers!

Warmest regards,
Aisyah Daud, Marsiling
Hi Rebecca,

Although i was a little sceptical about the benefits of jamu massage, i was keen to try it. My massage therapist was very professional and knowledgable, always on time and able to give me advice on breastfeeding and getting back into shape after the birth. The massage was very good, leaving me energised and a wellcome distraction. Binding did improve the look of my tummy and it felt smaller almost instantly. i would not hesitate to recommend jamu massage and would have loved to have more than 10 sessions i had, however, the therapists were fully booked for months in advance Thank you very much for such a wonderful service to the new mothers.
Yulia, East Coast

Hi Rebecca,

I have completed my 10-day massage last week, and would like to give my compliments to my therapist She was very professional with her massage – I have very bad water retention post-delivery and it was almost gone on the 1st day of massage. Not only that, I was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clohings. Will definitely engage your service again!!
Jocelyn, Tampines
Hi Rebecca,

I want to thank AllTentic Jamu for the great service on the post natal package that I have signed up for. my therapist is very attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. The baby massage techniques she taught us were helpful for my baby which we now use daily on him. I also love the body scrub.

The massages have helped me with my back pains, clearance of my milk ducts block and improving my milk supply. In addition, I appreciate the willingness and flexibility to accommodate the last minute changes I had to made with my schedules due to personal reasons. Will definitely be recommending Alltentic Jamu to friends !
Jocelyn Tan, anchorvale

Hi Rebecca,
I would like to say a big thanks to you and my therapist. I enjoyed my massage, the therapist is professional and friendly. This is my 1st time using post natal massage and was really beneficial and good experience for me.
Celine, Bedok

“I’ve always believed in jamu and post-natal massage to restore women’s bodies after giving birth. After browsing through many companies that offer those services here in Singapore, I chose Alltentic and never regretted since. I took the 10-day package and after not even reaching halfway through it, I already noticed my body getting smaller where I still looked like 5-months pregnant after the delivery, my water retention’s gone, and most importantly no more blood clotting in my uterus which happened to be there after the delivery. My friends and family members were amazed at the progress on my physical appearance, it’s as if I’ve never given birth, and was even slimmer than before the pregnancy. My binder size even went down from size M to S! Thank you,AllTentic !” –

Marissa, 30 y.o., west coast

Hi Rebecca

Wanted to write a testimony but not sure how to. It’s good u emailed me. I am very satisfied with the service.. Your therapist is very friendly and really enjoyed my session with her.. She made the sessions very enjoyable.. After the sessions I have lost 6 inches on my waist and i am very very happy with the results.. Thanks..
Hui Shan, Bedok

Hi Rebecca,

I have really enjoyed the massage sessions and it help greatly in my breast engorgement and my tummy is back to shape now, just in 6 weeks I can wear back my jeans & shorts! And thanks to your therapist , she has made the massage session really enjoyable, relaxing and she’s really humorous. Thumbs Up!!
Ann, Punggol

Hi Rebecca,

This is my 1st time engaging AllTentic Jamu massage services. I am pleased to say that I am happy with my massage therapist during the 10 massage sessions that I had. She was friendly, cheerful and approachable. In addition, she was always punctual for the sessions. Her personality made the sessions enjoyable. The massage techniques were good and were effective in removing the ‘wind’ and water retention in my body. My body was very much more relaxed and less tensed up after her massage sessions. She helped me alot with the engorgement issue and unblocked milk ducts. After some sessions, my milk supply actually increased. The binder was also effective in reducing my tummy size and the results helped to regain some hope in regaining my pre-pregnancy figure.

Elyn, Tampines

hi rebecca,

unfortunately i don’t have a pic of my tummy.. but here’s a testimony:the massage really helped to reduce the size of my tummy and tighten the hips. It was also very relaxing — a big plus point for a mother looking after a newborn!
PeiYing, Yishun

Hi Rebecca,
I am really enjoyed my 7 sessions of post-natal massage. Your therapist is very professional & friendly.She is also very punctual & always check whether I am comfortable with the pressure of the jamu wrap. I feel relax & comfortable during the massage. The jamu wrap was effective to smaller my tummy. I will recommend Alltentic Jamu Massage to my friends.Thanks.

Fiona Then , TPY

Hi Rebecca,

The Alltentic Jamu Massage was relaxing. I fell asleep during the first session. The therapist was also very friendly and punctual. She helped me to unblocked the milk ducts, which was quite painful during the first few days. The hot stone therapy was also effective and fantastic. The binding was also effective in reducing my tummy and the result can be seen immediately after the first session. By the 7th session, the binder had became “bigger”. Good job and keep it up. Happy holidays to you.

Su Fang, Bukit Batok

Hi Rebecca,
I have enjoyed and benefited from the massages by Serena. She is very friendly and personable, and that made me at ease during the massages.
Elaine, Tampines

Hi Rebecca

The massages were comfortable. For a mum of 2 boys and a new born, that one hour was a haven. It soothed arm and shoulder aches from carrying a baby who requires constant carrying. I also liked that the massage oil smelled nice and not pungent. While the massage was intended more for healing than slimming, my tummy did look slimmer at end of the massage. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photograph to prove the results. Overall the experience was great. Thanks.
Christina, AMK

Hi Rebecca,

Really appreciate that even though mine was a last minute booking, you empathized with my situation and was able to quickly arrange to start the sessions for me. I took up the 5 days Jamu package and the sessions were pleasant. I was aching everywhere when the masseur massaged me and they told me that it was due to wind and water retention in my body.

Love the free gift products like the lemongrass ginger scrub and the ginger cream. They both helped in getting rid of the stubborn wind in my body.Thanks once again

Lisa, Macpherson

Hi Rebecca,

“My therapist is very skillful in her massage. She would find out where are my problem areas and work on them. Also, she would ask me about my concerns and advise me. As a first time mum, I was very concerned about having enough breastmilk to feed my baby. She taught me how to massage the breast and did hot stone massage which certainly helped a lot! Each time after the massage, I find it much easier to express the milk. The massage session was very relaxing and I was glad that I did the massage! Also would like to thank Rebecca for her quick response and arrangement for the massage sessions. I was enquiring about the package and the very next day my baby decided to come out! It was one month early and I was worried that I might not be able to book the massage sessions in time. Luckily with Rebecca’s help, I had the massage sessions done one week after the delivery. Very satisfied with the service.”Regards
Xiujuan, Redhill

Dear Rebecca, I am able to wear my 26” jean after the 10 day sessions .People say i have slimmed down ! Please thank your therapist for me. She has been a very friendly and humorous therapist , not only helping to get back in shape but also given me good advices on handling my newborn. My sessions with her are always so fun and i can feel no more saggy fats on my leg after the sessions. Thank you for the constant follow up and concerns when i had mastitis . I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.
Jeraldine , Simei

HI , the sessions are good, therapist is very nice and skilled. i can see my tummy visibly smalled in just 1 session.

Puay Meng, woodlands

I am very satisfied with the massage. The oil used were very soothing and calm. Compliments to my therapist…She is very friendly and experienced. She is always on time and good in her time management.thanks
Laiyee , Redhill

Dear Rebecca,

I would like to say a big thank you to you and your massage therapist . I am very very happy with the results and she is really very very good. She is very skillful and knowledgeable. My water retention and my tummy went down very fast after her magical massage. I especially love the hot stone massage which helps to relief the engorgement in my breasts. She also taught me how to massage my breast and increase my milk flow. The whole massage sessions I really love it. I felt very relaxed and so much lighter after each session.
I hope to engage her service again when I have my 2nd baby again. I will strongly recommend your service to anyone who is going for confinement.Once again thank you for the good service and having a good massage therapist in your company.

Thank you.Regards,
Sharon Goh, Punggol

Hi Dear
I am glad that i have chosen the 5 days post natal massage package from AllTenTic Jamu Massage.I feel recharged and energized..??I definitely will recommend friends to your service.
Neerja, Wikie Road

Hi Rebecca
I would like to compliment my therapist for her professionalism and punctuality. She was very observant and attentive to my needs and was a great companion to me. She also provided me with tips on reducing water retention. After the 10-day session, I lost 4 inches off my tummy and I had no more blockages in my breasts. The massages also removed by body aches and knots to a great extent. I would definitely recommend AllTentic Jamu Massage to my friends.

With thanks
Claire, anchorvale

Hi Rebecca,
I’ve jus ended my massage yesterday..Thanks and kudos to my to my surprised I am almost back to my pre preg. tummy really drop tremoundously in jus 5days..and i lost bout 6inches! and I super love the massage oil as it really lighten the marks..if only u sell those oil I wud love to purchase it! However the ginger cream i bot it’s not dat “hot” as compared to e ginger cream during e massage…but overall will definitely will recommend to my circle of frens!

Emma@Compassvale Dr

Hi Rebecca

AllTentic Jamu was part of my one month post natal confinement which I found to help speed up my recovery process. Although I had a c-section for my second child, the massage therapist was very mindful and took extra care when massaging the affected area. As this was my first time experience with receiving postnatal massage treatment, I was intially under the impression that it would be uncomfortable. On the contrary the massage would calm my tired body and mind and put me to sleep easily. I wish I had known about Alltentic Jamu when I was living in Australia when I had my first child. Nonetheless I’ve recommended AlltenTic Jamu to my friends in Australia who are about to deliver.

Jacqueline , From Australia

Hi Rebecca,
I was glad that I had made the right choice in engaging your prenatal massage service. The therapist is very friendly and experienced. She had given me tips on breastfeeding and some useful advise on the engorgement which I was starting to experience during the first few days after my delivery. I had managed to slim down rather fast and a number of my friends and relatives commented that I was back in shape so soon. I must also thank you for your prompt response to my enquries whenever I email or sms you. 3 cheers to Alltentic Jamu… Hip hip Hurray…. (3x).

Thanks & Rgds
Soh Hui, Tampines

Hi Rebecca,

My 10 sessions of Jamu massage was very relaxing and I truly enjoyed it. My therapist was very friendly and she has given me lots of valuable advises. I would definitely recommend Alltentic Jamu Massage to my friends.

Cassida, Yishun

Complimentary!!! I am so grateful that I took up the 10 days Post Natal massage and my mum took up the Jamu massage with AllTentic Jamu Massage. This is my first time and I am very thankful to Rebecca and Hazel to arrange the Therapist, My therapist is very professional and knowledgeable for me. She is very skillful and had shared with me not only on the process of post-natal body recovery and the importance of massage, but also many aspects in body health. The wrap has helped bring down my tummy bulge quickly. I sincerely thanks to her by giving excellent service to me and my mum.
Vivian , Tampines

Dear Rebecca,
Good day, sorry for the late reply. Here’s my testimonial:

I had booked a 10 days massage session with AllTentic Jamu. She was always on time on every session. Her skills were very good and soothes my body on every session. I felt energized and relax after each session. Besides massaging, she also provides valuable advices to me on how to breast feed and taking good care of my body. After all the session, i had dropped 8kg which i think its a great deal to me! I would definitely recommend to my friends and go with Alltentic Jamu again if im having a 2nd baby 🙂 Thank you!
Best Regards,


Hi Rebecca,

The sessions were great! The hot stones cleared my engorgement n wind in the stomach. I was able to sleep better at night too. The massagers were friendly n provide valuable advice. My tummy became more firm n tone after the 3rd session. Have recommended my preggie friends to sign up the packages.

Yif, Bukit Panjang

Hi Rebecca,

The service is good. My therapist is very friendly, she also taught us how to massage my baby. The hot stone helps me to pump out much more milk then before, which I have concern of not enough milk previously. The jamu massage wrap really tighten & slim down my stomach. I will definitely recommend to my friends, and it really worth paying for such a service with no regrets 😉
Thks & Rgds,

Jeslin, Hougang

Hi, I just finished my 7 days Classic Jamu Postnatal Massage Package. I would say it is awesome! The masseurs is very skillful & professional. After the 1st day massage I already can see my tummy shrink,body ache goes off and my body posture is back again!! I enjoyed the massage so much, it’s relaxing and not pain at all 🙂

Jet Ong, AMK

Hi Rebecca, Just wat to say a “big Thank you” Her massage is great . I lost 4kg during my 7 days massages and water retention went down alot. She is patient and gives me tip to reduce water retention. Will definitely recommend to my friends.
Mabel, punggol

Dear Rebecca,

“Seeing inches lost is such a bliss and yes I’m not dieting! Its all thru the massage.”

I would like to say A big thank U to my therapist for her wonderful massage and excellence service she has given me. She did not only manage to reduce my water retention, she also managed to reduce the bulge on my tummy tremendously.Even hubby commented that this time round the tummy managed to go down so fast compared to my first pregnancy where i engaged a freelance masseur. And because my experience was so wonderful i further extended my package from 7 days to 10 days. Thank you also to Hazel for being able to slot me in on the last minutes extension. There wasn’t any moments of regrets in engaging your services and I hope others would benefits from it too.

Thank You Once again AJM.

Best Regards,
Amy Zainal, yishun

Hi Rebecca,

This is the 1st time I got the jamu massage done.

During the final trimester of my pregnancy I did my search on various agencies who offered Jamu massage and I also had many referrals from my friends who had done Jamu earlier from other places… after talking to all of them.. I knew that none could fit my budget. Finally after seeing your website and various testimonials from your site I decided to go with “AllTentic Jamu Massage”. A big thank you for making it so easy and convenient to get the massage done right at home at my suitable time. The therapist was really good and does a very good job. The massage was very relaxing and the binder was “great, fantastic”. My tummy not only reduced within a few days of massage, the binder gave a great support for my back too. I would recommend all my friends to opt for your services.

Best Regards,
Srimala, Changi

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for the 7 days services provided by AllTentic Jamu Massage during my confinement period. I really enjoyed and was very satisfied with the service. It benefit me because my waist has reduced from 37.5 inches (before) to 31 inches (now). I was very amazed as my waist has actually reduce on the 3rd day already. It was a fast remedy. It further reduces after that. Too bad I did not take any photo before the service thus I am unable to show you how effective the massage was. The therapist which you arrange is very professional too as I feel very relax after her massage. My hubby say I look much better too. This really make my day and I always looking forward to the massage day. If I have my second baby, I will come back to Alltentic Jamu Massage again. I will introduce to my other friends as well if they are interested so that they can benefit too.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the great and marvalous services provided to me.
Best Regards,
Evon, Yishun

I have enjoyed and benefited from AllTentic jamu massage services. In particular, the hot stones’ therapy has helped to remove my engorgement. My post pregnancy waistline has also shrunk by 3 inches after the five days of services! I will definitely recommend the services!

Peiling , Joo seng

Testimonials for Jamu Postnatal Massge from Origins Spa in Australia

Hi Jess,

First I would like to say a big Thank You for your great massaging skills. The strength that you used to massage was just perfect, the pressure was never too strong nor too lightly applied. Not only Jamu Postnal Massage relaxes me but I felt a great boost of energy which is much needed especially looking after a toddler and a newborn. I would highly recommend Jamu Postnatal Massage for anyone who is considering it. You got nothing to loose besides the kilos!

Once again thank you!

Celine Peng
Melbourne, Australia