Experience of our Royal Treatments

Dear Rebecca,

I was recommended by my friend to consider All Ten Tic for the post natal massage and looking at her result, i did not think twice before signing up.

I was surprised that All Ten Tic’s management actually made arrangements for my preferred therapist to attend to me as per my request and recommendation by my friend. the therapist was a very dedicated and pleasant therapist. She is passionate about her job and is punctual for all sessions (we could start as early as 8am). Her skills were good and she is very encouraging when it comes to giving advices on breastfeeding.

The sessions were comfortable and relaxing and were just what a mother requires after a tormentous (or not) labour. The 12 sessions made me regained my pre-pregnancy tummy (almost), I shall not lie to say that I lost all the weight or shedded all the fats gained for afterall, i wasn’t skinny to begin with and i am the ‘gain fast, lose slow’ type.

All Ten Tic is not exactly cheap considering we could get those freelance therapists at probably half the price but for the quality of the treatments, reliability and results, I am glad (and did not regretted) choosing All Ten Tic for the post natal package and would recommend them to any mums.

Best Regards,

Dixie Ng, Jurong

Hi Rebecca and team,

Thank you for the good service rendered. I had signed up for the traditional Jamu post-natel massage and also the TCM massage packages and have enjoyed both types of massage. Both therapists that attended to me were very well-trained and experienced. They were punctual and most sessions arrived earlier than the timing to prepare themselves. Initially for the first week while waiting for the breast milk flow to start, I had breast engorgement and was very uncomfortable. The hot stone massage had helped tremendously and after the 5 sessions, my milk flow came well and engorgement subsided. I enjoyed the binding as well; the binder was effective. After the 10 sessions I reduced yet another size. (For my first pregnancy it took me 2 months to achieve that).

The TCM massage was something different yet pleasant. It helped me to relax and sleep very well, as well as further reduced all the gas in my abdominal area.

Thank you AllTentic Jamu Massage!


Hi Rebecca
Overall, I am pleased with the massages. The post natal massages with the hot stone was really effective. It helped with clearing my blocked ducts. The strokes by all therapists were excellent. I especially enjoyed your Meridian massages as it not only toned up my thighs, but brightened my skin tone. It smoothened my sagging tummy and unsightly bulges on my thighs. I would actually recommend your company to friends.Thanks.

Pamela Ng, BangKit

Dear Rebecca
The 10days Royal treatment package is excellent. Thank you for recommending Yati to be my therapist. The jamu massage is great & the binding has help me in reducing the tummy. I’d love the herbaceous scent of lavender oil blend with some ginger zesty energising fragrance.

Best regards
Vivien, TPY

Hi Rebecca
“The Royal Jamu Massage was very relaxing. I looked forward to the “time-out” for the massage each day. I even fell asleep during the sessions – it was a chance to catch up on my sleep as during the night I had to wake up a few times to feed the baby. The therapist was very friendly and gave helpful tips to shrink the tummy. The massage from both the Jamu postnatal and the TCM Meridian balanced treatment helped to shrink my tummy more than my previous 2 pregnancies. Keep up the good work
Karen, Tampines

Hi Rebecca,
Happy New Year to you and all at Alltentic Jamu! I want to express my appreciation to the services rendered. I enjoyed the TCM Meridian Balanced massage and it has helped me toned my thighs, tummy and arms. More importantly, I had blood circulation and numbness issues in my legs and the massages have helped. The therapist is also very helpful and skillful. She has also provided good advice. It is unfortunate that I have to return to work and not able to continue the massages.

Will definitely keep Alltentic Jamu in mind for future services!

Jocelyn, anchorvale drive

hi rebecca,

sorry for the late reply, was busy with my baby. i truly enjoyed my massage especially the jamu massage. My therapist was very very punctual and very skilled. Her pressure was just nice enough to soothe my shoulder and back ache.

The hot stone therapy also help in expelling my lochia and clear my blocked ducts. My breast hurts so much previously that i nearly cried. i really need to thank the therapist for that. tcm meridian massage was gentle and nice, i felt energize after every session.

sorry i couldnt do a video testimony nor photo, but i have indeed lose alot of weight and water (cos of water retention). though i have yet returned to my pre-preg weight, but at least i have my waistline back now 🙂 people around me say the package was indeed worth it.

thank you rebecca, it wouldnt be possible without you ladies 🙂 you made my post-partum recovery an enjoyable one 🙂
Jasmine wang , Jurong


Hi Rebecca,
This is my third childbirth, however first time doing the traditional Jamu massage and Meridian massage with AJM. It was a great experience. After 2 days of the Jamu massage, my tummy significantly become smaller. Even my confinement lady can see the difference. I felt really relax during the massage especially Meridian massage that relaxed my muscles when the masseur used the guasa. Although I have not got back to my ideal weight, I regained to the size before I am pregnant for this third one. During the baby shower, friends and relatives mentioned that I slimmed down very fast as though I have not given birth. The masseur is very punctual and friendly too.

The sacred tea has helped me to increase the milk supply. I have no worries that my girl had not enough when I latched her on. I can see the increase of 40 to 60ml of milk when I expressed it out.

I just started to use the ginger cream not long ago. I used it for 2 days and I can see my bloatedness on my tummy is relieved very fast.

I cannot deny the effectiveness of these products I have used. The result on me proved that they really help mothers regaining fast and boost up the confidence and determination to continue breast feed the baby.Thank you AlllTenTic Jamu Massage!!!

Joyce, Woodlands


Dear Rebecca, I am so glad my friend told me about Alltentic Jamu Massage and I really thank you for slotting me in for the massage session and I’m glad I took your recommendation on upgrading to the Royal Package which includes the 5 session of TCM Meridian Massage. I truly enjoyed all the massage session especially the guasa from the TCM massage. The techniques used were amazing and I feel so relax after each session. The therapist was always punctual and jovial and they provided me with excellent advice in caring for myself and my baby as well. After my 2nd session I already lost 2 inches and went back to almost pre-pregnancy size by the end of the massage package. I am so happy I can fit into most of my old clothes now. Although losing weight was my priority (which I know shouldn’t be) I must say the massage has made it really safe and effective to do so. I am so glad that I got to know about you guys and hope that many more mothers will benefit from your services.

All the best,
Jamie , Jurong