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Experience of 10 Royal Postnatal Massage ( Jamu massage + TCM Meridian Massage)
Being a 3rd time mummy, i understand the importance of doing a postnatal massage after experiencing them during the previous pregnancies. Battling with breastfeeding challenges and fatigue , the postnatal massage treatments helped me regain my energy level and helped with my engorgement issues, it was definately a pampering period where i can fully rest my mind & body. I had bad water rentention 3 days after delivery and my feet swelled badly. it subsided after few sessions of treatment. My Tummy show good improvement with the massages and the binding definately helped. I will encourage all mums to include Jamu postnatal massage a check list as part of your post pregnancy recovery. Highly Recommended !!! 

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Experience of 7day AllTenTic postnatal Jamu Massage
I regret not knowing about Alltentic Jamu Massage for my past 2 births. I used to put least regard for post natal massage as priority as I thought , it’s just mainly for sliming not about well- being of a mother who has just delivered. I was proven wrong after my experience.

The therapist is punctual and came 10-15 min earlier to prepare the bed and hot stone. I signed a package of 7 days and checked if I needed 10 days. There is no hard selling and first day of massage the therapist access by body condition and advise that her concerns on my well being of my post natal condition are wind in the body and tummy ,lumps on breast due to engorgement, water retention and left over blood clot that causes my stomach to swell. She advise 7 days was definitely enough and we can extend if required.
After my first session, I felt better and notice the difference on the water retention on my legs. It was just a simple exercise to list the leg up before and after massage. At the same time, my body was expelling a lot of wind. I love the comfort of having the post natal massage on the massage bed which you do not have to worry staining and washing of bedsheets.
After my 7 day massage I do see a vast difference. I am contented with the results my blood clot was completed cleared. Alltentic focus on the well-being of a post delivery mommy – prevention of headache after birth , sliming of tummy and getting rid of wind using herbs.

Thank you so much Alltentic Jamu massage.

Kelly, Mummy of 3

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Experience of 10days Alltentic Jamu Postnatal Massage

It’s my 2nd time engaged AllTenTic Jamu massage, had a good experience previously and has increased from 7days package(4years back after my 1st pregnancy) to a 10days package. It has been an luxurious and pampering experience for me, I didn’t take any photo before the massage started. But i do feel the difference everytime when I removed the binder each day.

Initially I started with size S binder, on the 4th session, my therapist brought an XS size for me to try and to my amazement, I was able to fit in. It’s always nice to see my tummy getting flatten each time after a session. My therapist has helped me to soothe my body aches on my spinal areas which was due to pregnancy prolong posture, epidural during child birth and poor sitting posture when I tried breastfeeding my baby or pumping milk.

Especially liked the hot stone therapy on the tummy area and breast area. My therapist was really good and has helped me to relieve my engorgement on my breasts, after the massage I felt so much relief and lighten from the “harden” breasts. Thank you for the team and therapist for the great service, will not hesitate to engage the service again when needed, thank you for the pleasant experience, I’ve enjoyed throughout all the sessions 🙂

MeiHwee , Fernvale

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Experience of 15days Alltentic Royal Postnatal Massage

I previously tried another reputed post-natal massage company’s 10-day package after delivering my first child but did not find the experience particularly memorable.
For my second pregnancy, decided to take the plunge and signed up with Alltentic for a 15-day massage package (10-day Jamu + 5-day TCM).

My assigned therapist, was punctual and professional – very valuable traits when dealing with highly hormonal and tired mummies. She was also very candid and encouraging and gave me 2 options on how long I should keep the binder for (which determines the rate of losing the tummy).

Was also pleased that the creams and oils used by your company were pleasant and tolerable, which helped me keep the binder on overnight.

It was a pleasant (but painful!) surprise that the sessions included a lactation massage, as I did not have that with the previous company I used, despite the company’s founder being reputed for lactation massages. I had leftover blocked ducts from nursing my first child and had earlier engaged a lactation consultant to assist prior the post-natal massage but to no avail. When Rose came, she spent a lot of effort in trying to clear them and she eventually did! She also gave very good advice on how to keep the ducts clog-free.

The massages were highly effective – I had dropped back to my pre-pregnancy by the 10th session and by the last session I was slightly below my pre-pregnancy weight. So sorry I don’t have any good pictures detailing the before and after and I hope what I’ve attached will do.

Will strongly recommend Alltentic to all mummies-to-be!

Emily, Ang Mo Kio

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Experience of 16days Alltentic Royal Postnatal Massage

Hi Rebecca. Your assigned therapist is A star, a gem to your business. She is highly skilled, personable and very accommodating and sweet. Makes the session something I look forward to each day to unwind and enjoy. Other than my utmost compliment to your therapist. I wanted to share my PRICELESS experience as my testimony.

P : Permanent sliding and toning result
R: Relaxing and restorative to body and mind
I :Impeccable service coordination and quality products
C: Caring and highly skilled therapist
E :Effective lactation massage to clear blocked ducts
L: Lasting binding result from Jamu massage
E: Energising TCM meridian hormonal treatment
S : Satisfied result for both post natal engagement
S: Simply the Best

And I’m pleased to say I’m 2 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you AllTenTic

Katherine , Mummy of 2

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Experience of 10 day Alltentic Postnatal Massage

This is my 3rd delivery and I regretted not engaging your service earlier for my previous 2. I absolutely love the sessions, really pampering to be able to enjoy post natal massage at home in comfort on the massage bed without dirtying my bed. No fuss, no oily or staining of my bedsheets this time. Love the warming effect of the lava stone on my tummy and it really helps a lot in reducing the bloated gassy tummy I had post cesarean. The therapist was very skilful in her lymphatic and jamu massage, and she was always early, arriving 15-20mins earlier ahead to prepare the bed and boiling the stone. Although the massages started real painful with me tearing in the initial 2-3sessions due to the water retention, it gradually progressed to more enjoyable and relaxing as I feel the water retention significantly reduced from my arms, thighs and back.
Even my husband commented my tummy don’t look as 5 months pregnant but rather down to 2months pregnant look after the course is completed. I didn’t believe it until I compared the photo I took of myself before the start of the massage and after completion of the course, indeed I look leaner! This was a vast difference and indeed a very obvious one compared to my previous experience with other freelance.

Jen, Mummy of 3

Experience of 7 day Postnatal Jamu Massage
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Jamu Massage: A Mama’s Key to Postnatal Bliss
Most recently I had an absolutely amazing experience with All-Ten-Tic which is one of Singapore’s leading Jamu specialist providers. Jamu is especially geared toward postnatal mamas, and involves massaging the body with specially formulated herbs, oils and hot stones to improve circulation. It not only helps gently get your internal organs back into place, but also works wonders for breastfeeding in that it helps prevent engorgement (such an issue when your milk has just come in) and blocked ducts.

Following the massage (which usually lasts for 45 minutes to an hour), a specialist wraps your mid-section in a special traditional binding cloth (not so different from a corset) that reduces swelling in your belly. I was amazed at how much my belly went down after just three days of treatments!

Kate , Mummy of 2

  lindabefore    lindaafter  

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“The therapist massage relieved all my back aches and tension from breastfeeding. Also, the hot stone compress massage helped instantly to relieve my breast engorgement and immediately could see milk flowing out. A very relaxing experience worth looking forward to everyday. Thank you.”

Linda, Punggol

danielle before (1) danielle after (1)   
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First experience in 2010

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the post natal massage. The actual massage itself was extremely relaxing and really worked the areas that during my pregnancy made me uncomfortable. After the massages I felt very energized. I couldn’t believe that after removing the binding from my first session what a big improvement there had been on my tummy and how much flatter it was. After 5 days of treatment it is almost back to normal.

Second Experience in 2012

Hi rebecca,wanted to say how impressed I was again with the therapist. She was very friendly, professional and shrunk my tummy dramatically in 5 days!

Danielle Forrester, Changi Road

jac - before jac-after
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Hi rebecca,
First I wanna say a big thank to you and my therapist. I enjoyed my massage very much, it helped me to relax. My tummy looks smaller now and with the hot stone my breasts feel much better. It was my first time to use this post natal massage and it was a good experience.I will definitely do it again! Will recommend you to my friends.

Jac, from Switzerland, River Valley

before winnie after winnie
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1st of all, I would to thank your therapist for being puncture for every session. I took up a 14 days package with AllTenTic Jamu Massage after reading all the testimonial on your website. I was skeptical initially as I didn’t not lose much weight after my jamu massage with a freelancer after my 1st pregnancy.

For my 2nd pregnancy, I gained about 17kg in total. After I started my massage 6 days after I delivered, I lost total 12kg after my 14days massage and I am very sure its the massage that helped!

Winnie, West Coast


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Hi Rebecca,
I did not take any photo of my very big tummy after birth of bb 🙁 but the good news is I did lose 2 inches off my tummy after the 7 day massage and the cellulite on my thighs is visibly reduced. I am very happy with the result as I did not expect my tummy to go down so fast after my c-section. And I love the complimentary lemongrass Ginger body scrub too! I have attached a pic of my tummy taken a few days ago.

Thank you for the service.

Yen Tong, Cantonment

christine ong

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Dear Rebecca,

This is the 1st time I engage your service. A BIG Thank You to you and your therapist. My water retention was gone within 3 sessions of the postnatal massage. Not only that, my tummy has also flatten down within a few days of the massage, and i have lost 6kg after my package has ended as well! The massage was so relaxing, that I fell asleep many a times.

Thank you very much!
Yours Sincerely, Christine Ong (Yishun)

pearlyn before After pearlyn
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Dear Rebecca,

I am glad that I have signed up the 7 days post natal massage package from AllTentic Jamu Massage. This is one of the best decision I have made. After birth, I am feeling so stress as I have to manage and cope with my newborn baby, adapting to a new lifestyle , breast-feeding , etc. My massage therapist is always on time, knowledgeable and show high level of professionalism. Her massage skills help me to unknot all the tensions and stress in my body therefore after each sessions, I always feel recharged and energized.

Next, the hot stone therapy together with the massage techniques really helps in getting rid of the breast engorgement and blocked milk ducts. Lastly, the whole treatment together with the use of the binder really helps me to get back into shape quickly. I managed to get back to my pre pregnancy weight in just 2 weeks. I definitely will recommend friends to engage your service.

Pearlyn, Fernvale


test alvina
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Amazing work you guys did! I am back into my before pregnancy figure and can fit into my old work dresses. All thanks to my therapist. Her genuine heart to help her cus inter feel relax and happy is really no doubt. Her skills are no words to describe. Thanks to origins post natal massage with hot stone and tcm meridian massage,  I was able to recover faster and felt so muh better about my body. I highly recommend AllTenTic jamu Massage

Alvina , Woodlands 


testimonal wendy

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Thanks to Jamu Massage… Here’s the result of my 10days postnatal massage !!! Amazing therapist whom help me get rid of all the water retention and she is skillful. Glad with the service provided!!!

Wendy , Tampines