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(The photos used above are with consent and compliments from the Client-Moon)

The Malay Masseuse is very experienced and professional. She used the Hot Stone for the massage and the Hot Stone compress of the breasts helps to stimulate milk flow. I ever thought I didn’t have enough breast milk for the baby. Actually was the engorgement and my wrong massage technique. I used 3 months to get back my flatten tummy during my first pregnancy. Now, I can see the obvious results within one week and I would say that postnatal massage really helps to gain back self confidence and make my confinement a lot easier.I recommend Jamu Massage to all moms-to-be. Thanks to Origins Jamu Massage.

Moon, Wellington

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(The photos used above are with consent and compliments from the Client- Jolie)

Hi Rebecca,

I am glad to choose your company’s Jamu massage for my 2nd delivery, it indeed gave me a new experience of post natal massage. I had traditional Malay massage in my first pregnancy, in comparison, I like the hot stone very much, it just relaxed me instantly. Thanks for the free binder which I can continue to use it by myself. The therapist is very experienced and knowledgeable as well. The 10 sessions reduced the appearance of my tummy although I started the session quite late around 5th week. I would definitely recommend Origin Jamu massage to my friends.

Jolie, Cassia Crescent